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Sunday treats at Doodle Meet

We had our June Hyde Park Doodle Meet yesterday – and for once it did not rain nor threaten to rain.  On top of that, we had special treats from Wellybix!IMG_1529We loved our treats – as all other activities came to a halt.IMG_1526Fourteen of us came to playIMG_1539L-R: Teddy (Cavapoo), Alfie, Lucca, Rusty, Clementine, George, Barney, Charlie, Darcy, Cookie, Coco, MissyIMG_1541Absent from photo: Spencer,who loves his coffee carton holder9235760687a27f37e17757d14182f9b28facfa2247f7c5a777835c867b8b92a7c91895acAnd OreoIMG_1519And after everyone had left, we met Rigby.IMG_1523His owners think he is a Havanese Poodle cross and we hope he will come to meet up with us the next time.

May’s comment: We were sent some special treats by Wellybix. Well we had four packets but Charlie ate one of them all by himself the other day!  By the looks of it, everyone else liked the treats too!

WELLYBIX are healthy dog treats hand-made with LOVE in picturesque Teesdale (North East England) They are full of natural, wholesome goodness and packed with my own garden herbs. Unlike most commercial dog treats, all the ingredients are of human grade quality and have been tested and approved by WELLY, the Jack Russell!

They have NO artifical preservatives, colours, artificial flavour enhancers, added sugar or salt and are analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory.

Next Doodle Meet will be the last Sunday of July – which will also be the last day of the month – 31st of July. Hope to see you all then!


  1. Jill Keiser

    I went to the Wellybix site and they had such wonderful products at such reasonable prices!

  2. Thank you Miss Darcy for such a lovely review…. Its great to see all you doggies enjoying a fun day out. It looked Pawsome!.
    Woof Woof
    Welly-Bob xx

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