It was a wet and windy day …

But it was a happy one!

Mummy and I had together time while some friends “borrowed” George for a few hours. That George – everyone wants to borrow him – maybe because he’s small, adorable cute with “I-need-you” eyes.  That’s ok with me!!! In fact, ha, ha, ha! I’ve got Mummy to myself.

We had meetings to go to and places to see. And since it was such a horrible day, we jumped into a cab (and because we’re late).IMG_6246 I was wearing my new waxed cotton coat for the rain which Mummy designed!!! We happened past a Barbour shop and they were all just so kind!  They were thrilled to see me in it. And Mummy found a coat to match mine!IMG_6257 Here’s me modelling the coat.IMG_6259After all the admiration, Mummy needed a cup of coffee and a little treat. So we walked into Burlington Arcade …
IMG_6270 And Mummy had a cappuccino and palmier at LadureeIMG_6264 Can I have some, please?IMG_6265 Only when I sit, apparently.IMG_6267Then it was time to take the bus home … gosh! It’s wet, isn’t it?
IMG_6276 And as we were waiting for the bus, Emma walked past, spotted me and stopped to say hello!  Many minutes later while I was waiting patiently, she told Mummy how pleased she was that George has come to live with us. She has two cockapoos Barney and Nellie and maybe a third doggie (?!?!?!) and reassured Mummy that it gets easier.  She said it will take about 4-5 months before things settle and George has only been with us for less than a month – so I think we’re all doing ok, all things considered.IMG_6279 Finally we got on the bus to go home – I was tired from all that walking in the rain.IMG_6283 But one last stop as Mummy went to the Chelsea Health Store on King’s Road – and I had to sit by the window to wait for her.IMG_6289 Even though it says – No Dogs Please – I still get to sit inside. I think the owner actually forgot he had put that sign up! 🙂IMG_6291Back home, no George.  Peace and quite. 😉

May’s comment: Needed this “Darcy and me” time – back to those days when we just got on buses, tubes, taxis and just went everywhere without thought.  With two dogs, it gets a bit more complicated and people are less forgiving or they think I am crazy.  And with a day like today, walking in the rain with two would have been very difficult.

So here’s Darcy back in her place – sitting on my lap – always makes me laugh how human she looks when she sits like that.

IMG_6253But we did travel together in a bus to drop George off at friends – who “borrows” him whenever they can. They are not allowed to keep dogs in their flat but one can visit. And since George doesn’t bark and so teeny-weeny, it worked out well.  So on days when Darcy and I run around doing our stuff, George gets to be cuddled and fussed over by Praewa and Arsh.  More about that later.

Still working out logistics and really glad to run into Emma today – who was a voice of comfort. I think the Universe sent her along my way – on a rainy day, while we were waiting for a bus on Piccadilly. She recognised Darcy and stops for a long chat. She told me how she felt when she got Nellie.  She and Barney had a relationship like I do with Darcy.  When Nellie came along, she too wondered if she had done the right thing. So it was good to hear, and to take comfort in knowing that things can be even better.

I can’t complain at how things are working out for all of us. So as good as it is now, I still feel I am a bit more harried walking two at the same time and had to change our schedule for George’s toilet training. Sometimes I laugh when walking along the pavement – I had taught Darcy to pee on the curb but George needs to mark on walls and lampposts. So Darcy on the side of the curb and George on the other side of the pavement with walls – taking over the whole pavement. And I tried to conserve poo bags so walking around with one poo till the other does the business! Maybe need to re-think that one!

As it is now, Darcy’s been generous with her welcome – though I am sure whenever George goes away on “borrowing” time, she wonders – maybe he’s gone for good, only to be disappointed when he returns!  I know because she doesn’t give him a warm welcome home!  She growls at him and looks for my hugs. But George, he doesn’t care and he’s so happy to see her. He jumps all over her and urges her to play. Maybe that’s why she growls – he annoys her.  But right now as I am writing this, they are sleeping next to each other on the bed under my desk.

And George is coming along nicely with his toilet training – an hour extension each day, so we’re down to four walks instead of five. He has had no accident since last Friday – fingers crossed this is progress. We seem to be losing the bewitching hour of 19.30. We’ve gone past 20.00 last two nights.  The mornings are not till 08.00 – so that’s more civilised – for me!!!

What I had taken so much for granted is Darcy’s understanding of commands. With George, he has learnt his name and the command “sit” very well. But he doesn’t even understand “no”!  And while he doesn’t understand “stay” it’s impossible to take photos of him – while Darcy – such a pro! But we’ll get there in time.



  1. Maggie Danks

    You are doing a wonderful job May. And I love Darcys coat!

  2. Jocelyn

    Another great coat, does Darcy hv her own wardrobe?

  3. Charlotte

    Where did you get Darcy’s coat??? I love it and am finding it REALLY hard to find a nice coat for my mini golden doodle xx

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