It’s a Cat’s World

Vuelio has once again given their annual rankings of top ten UK blogs of every category.

And amongst them are Pet Blogs. As in the two previous years since they added pets to their rankings – cats have topped their list.

So once again – congratulations to Katzenworld.

And last year Bionic Basil nudged us out of being Number 2!

So hats off to them – cats continue to rule! Er, that’s according to Vuelio, of course! 🙂

It’s a humbling reminder. We are so focused in our world of dogs, but statistics do show that the cat population exceeds that of dogs!!! Let me join them!


May’s comment: This year we came in at Nr. 5. We’re sliding down Vuelio’s ranking! O-M-G!!! From 2 to 3 to 5 …

But STOP! They still acknowledged our presence even though we never submitted ourselves for consideration and we are only a blog about our adventures – and only aim to be informational through our own experiences.

Miss Darcy’s Adventures came about at the confluence of two forces – the love of writing and simply the desire to show that we don’t have to leave our dogs at home – that we CAN go about our daily lives with our dogs.

When we began writing six and a half years ago – the challenges were “basic” – finding neighbourhood restaurants that would allow us to dine together. And walking along King’s Road to ask each store if we were allowed in. We rejoiced at the small successes.

Since then, London has become more tolerant, even friendly at times! There are still a lot of ignorance – that “health and safety” argument and the archaic attitude about dogs should stay home. But through our travels all over the continent and North America, we have come to appreciate what we have back home. Yes, there will always be some countries that are much more dog-friendly, namely Germany and Italy at the top of the list, but also unexpectedly we have recently discovered places that we had not anticipated – Serbia for example.

This is our journey and to stay focused on changing perceptions one day at a time. If we can encourage someone to take that step to do a little more with their dogs, to bring a smile to someone’s day because of what we do, then those are reasons we continue to slog, I mean blog! LOL!

Thank you Vuelio! Very nice to be acknowledged three years in a row – and congrats to all who have made their ranking.

NB – we are not commercialised and don’t get paid to post. We also don’t have guest bloggers as we only write from personal experiences. Once in awhile, we have friends who wants to share their story.


  1. Liz Burman

    Congratulations for making it into the top ten again. You will always be number one for me!!🐶

  2. Jill

    You’ll always be our number one .
    Congratulations to the 3 of you .
    Keep up the good work xxxx

  3. Cheryl Houlton

    Your also my no 1 blog, enjoy reading about your travels, keep up your excellent work. Cheryl and Susie xx


    Hi May, you Darcy and George are No. 1. for me too. I really look forward to your blogs each day, they are brilliant and unique, and certainly my ‘Cup of Tea’. Congratulations to you, also to the ‘Cat Blogs’. I have had some cats in my time along with my dogs, and have the loveliest memories. xxx

  5. Cheryl

    Congratulations to you for holding on to a spot on the list. You will always be number 1 to me!

  6. Ellen

    Congrats. I love reading Your blog. There aren’t enough personal blogs left in the era of big professional blogging.

  7. Jill Keiser

    I found your blog when looking for information on the new puppy on Downton Abbey and have never missed a blog since! Congrats on making the top ten!

  8. Deborah Wexler

    Congratulations! Darcy and George so lucky to have you! Hope to see you soon, maybe in the Spring and would love to go on some adventures with you!


    I always look forward to your adventures and pictures and information!

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