Banging on about Bangers!

This took great self-control not to eat that sausage.

All this to celebrate National Sausage Week – 28th October to 3rd November.

So to celebrate we tried Stein’s Berlin – because to Mum, a sausage is a sausage whether British, American or German. Until Mum realised that there is a difference between the English bangers and the German wurst – was that the “wurst” thing she could have done?

Sausage is a meat product made from minced or ground beef, pork, veal or chicken mixed with fat, salt, herbs and spices.

Bratwurst is a “sub-specie” of a sausage. It a specific type of fresh link sausage that originated in Germany. It is typically made with pork and veal, seasoned with ginger, nutmeg, coriander, or caraway. 

And then there’s the hotdog – that’s a sausage too!

But all sausages are sausages – we do not discriminate. We like them all.

May’s comment: There is a distinction between sausages and bratwursts though they are both fresh sausage links – meat stuffed inside a casing.

During sausage week, butchers, manufacturers, retailers and trade associations in the UK will be championing and raising the profile of the great British sausage – through sausage events, special promotions, new product launches, competitions and tastings to celebrate.

Our favourite go-to place for bangers & mash is Thomas Cubitt – the gastro pub that serves authentically British.

But of course in case you want a German sausage – there’s Stein’s Berlin. LOL!

There are three branches – we went to the one in Kensington, London. There’s one in. Richmond and another in Kingston.

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