It’s a Cockapoo Tea Party

Ahem! And then one little black dog crashed the party! 

Mummy first met Lyra when she was so small, she wasn’t allowed on walk on the streets yet.But today, she is all “grown up” and invited us to tea at her home.
So where’s the tea party?There we go!What a spread. Lucky Mummy!

There were treats for us too.For some reason unknown to me, GeorgeJaffa  and Lyra were busy playing amongst the foliage.While the young ones were scrounging around in the bushes and playing with each other, I knew better. I knew where my interest lie … Hmmm. But a reach too far. Er, what? I wasn’t doing anything. Just looking. That’s all.And then Ale came home from school – and we all got hugs.Lyra was very jealous – so she got hugs from her mummy.But Jaffa, she just looked on at all the commotion.Oh, and who is this? No, it’s not another intruder! It’s a stuffed toy that looked incredibly real!

May’s comment: Dogs bring humans together. Katherine and I have lived in the same neighbourhood for many years. We have probably crossed paths but it was only when I ran into her with Lyra at a local place that we started talking to each other. What a lovely way to spend and afternoon – afternoon tea with friend and dogs.

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