A Quintessentially English weekend

Everything about last weekend at House of Mutt’s Dog Retreat at Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa was  quintessentially English!

From the grand country house to walks along the dramatic drive of majestic treesTo the vast 500 acres of open spacesThere were horses in the fieldsAnd we kept our distances from them.

It wasn’t just lolling around the whole retreat.

There were lessons to be learnt Mummy had new instructions on how to manage George And also our over excitedness was a no-no. And then – hooray! Agility! Anthony was telling Mummy that the weave was not going to happen that day.It’s not a natural thing for us pooches to do I sat patiently waiting and waiting for the run to begin because I know at the end of it, I get a treat.Finally, finally we ran the course – rather slowly. I had to keep pace with Mummy.As for George, he sat and watched while all of us did the course.

But everyone wanted to see what George can do …And then he ran, and he jumped and he ran up the ramp. Hooray! There’s hope yet!

We stopped for lunch –Sandwiches under a marquee.

Of course Mummy had to do one of her favourite things –Afternoon Tea.

Ah yes, I even managed to help myself to one half of her Cornish spread scone, i.e. jam on the bottom and clotted cream on top.  Yum! Let’s say it was not intended for my consumption. 😉

But the next day when the whole group gathered for Afternoon Tea outdoors in the sun.They had special pup-cakes for us, courtesy of Four-legged Fancies – served on China!  I nibbled away a sausage before I gobbled up the rest of the pup-cake.

Now, that wasn’t the end of it, the hoomans went on to learn how to make a dog’s dinner and dog treats at the Luknam Park Cookery School.At the end of the day when it was time to retire –To one of the dog-assigned rooms
We had a great big bed to sleep on –Well, not really.Our room looked out onto the courtyardWe could sit and enjoy the sun.

Ah yes, we had room service Mummy ordered a portion of cooked chicken and another portion of white fishCooked by a Michelin star chef!Mummy divided the portions between us – we had a fish-n-fowl dinner. Don’t worry about the portions – the bowls were very large and we had so many treats all day long.

We had a long day and settled down to rest while Mummy went to have dinner with the rest of the hoomans.Jensen (who looks like me!) and Enzo stayed in their room like we did at ours.

And then one last walk At dusk.

So what was missing from a quintessentially English weekend? NO RAIN!!!!! Hooray!

And then to top it all off, I got to see my favourite person, well, one of my favourites – Sarah from the House of Mutt –which made it all very special.

We’re city beings but we do like going out to the countryside for some runaround, to appreciate the beauty of the very manicured English countryside.

Oh and I must tell you – there was another Darcy there as well! A cocker spaniel and her sister is called Sasha!That’s like me and Little Tyke who’s real name is of course Sasha! What a coincidence!

May’s comment:  A grand old country house hotel, acres of fields, horses and walks with dogs, Afternoon Tea – what more can we ask for? Good company! And there was plenty of that.Front row: L to R – Bukkha, Goose, Darcy, Sasha, Enzo, Jensen, Miuccia, me and George

Middle row: L toR – Holly, Michael, Sam, Jacqui, Mummy

Back row: L to R – Anthony, Sarah, Ed

We had a few training tips to help George re-focus when he starts to get distracted and about to do a runner. It’s not an over night change. But it was result while practising new routines.

We, rather, I had an agility run. I am not at my fittest, that’s for sure.I was slowing down Darcy.

The cookery class was fun but oh dear me, it reminded me of those horrific Home Science classes where I managed to burn everything I cooked. I thought years on that I might be a little better in the kitchen. Alas not! That was the most stressful part of our weekend retreat!Everything else was simply amazing! A perfect combo of idyllic setting, dogs and dog-lovers! We could have stayed for a much linger time but all good things must come to an end.

And so that was the introduction of Dog Retreat by House of Mutt at Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa.



  1. Alison

    What a great idea!

  2. Cecilia Lin

    I wish they have that kind of place in the States!

  3. Maree

    How beautful so jealous of having such an amazing eatate that dogs and dog lovers can learrn have fun and enjoy

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