“It’s a Husky thing”

Did you know that Huskies do not pause when they have to poo?  That’s because when they’re pulling the dog sleds, they can’t stop so they’ve learnt to poo while on the move!!!! LOL! We were walking along when Paulo went plop, plop, plop – without missing a step!We learn something new every day.

But I doubt if Paulo had ever pulled a dog-sled and of he ever lived in the Arctic. So is that a genetic thing that came from years of being trained to act appropriately – OR were they chosen to pull dog sleds because that’s their thing?  Hmmm. Lots of things we have yet to discover amongst our different species.Poo subject aside, Mummy and I went to meet Paulo, Martin and Jessica for our Sunday roast at Knife, a steakhouse in Clapham … not an area we know well, but so delighted to find such a deliciously good destination.C’mon, let’s go in to where the good smells are!Well, hello, Miss D!” said Paulo, the HuskyNeed no fear when food is near!And Mummy was very generous – she gave me her last piece of roast.

But what about the wine?Any good? Dry enough?What about my thirst quencher?I’m going to have your water but I can’t get to it in this glass.Finally, someone got the message!And as Mummy have always taught me – I need to wipe my dripping chin.And then there was coffee … And ice-cream for the hoomans only, Paulo.I know“, says Paulo – we get to go to all these places so the hoomans can eat and we just wait around for them. “Should we get going now? The park is just across the street.”P.s. George was banned from coming along – firstly, it’s a date with Paulo, no need for a threesome, and then we are not sure if he has fully recovered from his kennel cough. It would not be a happy Paulo if he caught George’s bug! So Georgie happily spent the afternoon with dog-lover Jane!

May’s comment: Another lovely connection from our blog – Martin and Paulo.  They recommended some restaurants they’ve tried to add to our Wine & Dine list.  And we even made it to a Sunday roast together at Knife.

Knife is an amazing steakhouse and oh so cosy, rustic interiors. The food – amazing – have already been twice! A little out of the way for us, but what’s distance when there’s good food and friends to share it with. 🙂 But we discovered The Pavement and found a few places along there that are also dog-friendly. Must go back and check them out – and then take a walk around the Common.


  1. Paulo TheHusky

    Thank you for a lovely afternoon : )
    Was real nice to finally have caught up with like minded friends. Your mom is real nice too! She’s invited to our next outing. ; )
    My dad said to say we often venture up to Hyde Park as well, so, perhaps ice cream next to the Serpentine next? Never too cold for ice cream.
    Or even better…….Dim Sum!!!!!!
    x Paulo

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes! Your dad and my mum have the same thoughts – she was thinking dim sum earlier and was going to suggest that!!! LOL!
      Most definitely! And yes to meeting up in Hyde Park – you are more than welcome to come and say hello to a lot of cockapoos and other doodles next Sunday for Halloween! 🙂 xxx

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