Ed’s coming to our Halloween meet-up!

In a week’s time, will be our October Hyde Park Doodle meet (29th October) and the theme will be Halloween!!!!

But just in case any of our doodles are out scaring other pooches, we have on hand Ed, the trainer!

We met Ed at the House of Mutt Dog Retreat at Lucknam ParkWe needed his help to learn how to distract George whenever we sensed he was about to flip the switch and become feral – again.

I think George will be very pleased to see Ed again – to show him how much better he is with recall – well, almost very good.  Actually, maybe we will need a bit more training – Mummy’s fault.

May’s comment: We met Ed who is part of the House of Mutt Training team when we were so lucky to be at Lucknam Park for a dog retreat.  We’re thrilled that Ed will be at our meet next Sunday. He’ll be available to answer any concerns about your dog’s training.

Our meeting will be at 11am behind the Serpentine Gallery – and he will stay till about 1pm – plenty of time to ask him questions. He is also available for one-on-one at home training.

Details of the training, and Ed, are on http://hotel.houseofmutt.com/school/



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