It’s a new dawn

“It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life …IMG_1266 IMG_1267 IMG_1268And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For us.”IMG_1272And am I OK to stay on?IMG_1273Yes, Georgie – for two reasons. One, they are not expelling any immigrants.  Two, dogs know no national boundaries set by hoomans. And of course Mummy will fight Nigel Farage tooth and nail if he thinks you should be deported!  And I will bite him!

May’s comment: I didn’t vote LEAVE but now that we’re here, we will embrace it. IMG_1243Let’s hang on and go along for the ride. It will be a period of uncertainty and adjustment. It won’t be easy but we will triumph.

Thank you for‪#‎democracy‬, proud to be ‪#‎British‬ – because we dared to stand up to‪#‎EUbureaucracy‬.

Now maybe we have empowered the others to speak up and stand up to the big fat bureaucrats in Brussels. This could be the end of the beginning …

And this is a very good example of why the EU is so stuck – “sweating over the small stuff.” 13507217_1012860442083238_3995766065457521410_n


  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    That sums it up beautifully. …enjoy the sunshine no one can change that.xx

  2. Gill

    Well done for your positive thinking. Let’s hope it spreads!

  3. Ian Harrison

    Wish I was a dog! They have such simple needs: food, water, attention and lots and lots of love. We’ll all need a lot of the latter!

  4. Elizabeth Burman

    I think Miss D’Arcy feels it’s all a bit of a yawn!

  5. Tory Johnston

    Not sure about your remark about ‘dogs know no national boundaries set by hoomans’ …. The UK set the boundaries for quarantine when coming into the UK and then with the advent of the European Pet Passport, that no longer applied.
    I asked my vet this morning if the European Pet Passport will still be valid and he did not know – suggest you check at your end, May !

    • Miss Darcy

      No need to worry. Pet Passport is not about nationalities. It’s only a health check document, cutely named Pet Passport. The “European” Pet Passport is also valid for non-European countries.

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