A package arrived for me today. The postman said, “Miss Darcy needs to sign for it!”  LOL!IMG_1252And in the package, were some Wellybix dog treats. IMG_1253Oh yay! Why did she not open them and let us have a taste test? Instead, Mummy left the box of treats on her desk and she left in a hurry. She had started to trust Charlie that he can now be left with me at home.

Well, she had a bit too much faith in him. When she came home a few hours later IMG_1261 … she found the box of treats were on the floor by her desk and one of the bags was torn apart and consumed.

She looked at us both angrily and asked, “Who ate those treats?”

Well, I didn’t think that was a fair question. She should have asked – who had brought down the box of treats from her desk and proceeded to tear open one of the packets.  She knew very well it wasn’t me. I would never do anything like that. She knew it was Charlie …IMG_1257but after the fact, could she blame me for helping consume the content inside the package that was savaged by Mister Charles?  IMG_1254She scolded the both of us because a crime was committed regardless who initiated it.  I looked on guiltily and Charlie knew he was in trouble when he ran away from the scolding sceneIMG_1259… to hide behind the chair in the bedroom!  That seems to be his place of refuge. Mummy didn’t know whether to stay angry or laugh. Charlie, you’re not very good at telling lies, are you?

Mummy, can you at least look on the positive side of things – we did not eat ALL the treats. We ate just one bag of it. Maybe you came home too soon. 🙂

May’s comments: Wellybix kindly sent us some doggy treats to share at our Hyde Park Cockapoo meet on Sunday.

Hyde Park Cockapoo Meet this Sunday, as usual – 10:30am behind the Serpentine Gallery. 

WELLYBIX are healthy dog treats hand-made with LOVE in picturesque Teesdale (North East England) They are full of natural, wholesome goodness and packed with my own garden herbs. Unlike most commercial dog treats, all the ingredients are of human grade quality and have been tested and approved by WELLY, the Jack Russell!

They have NO artifical preservatives, colours, artificial flavour enhancers, added sugar or salt and are analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Cheeky Charlie.

  2. Margaret Danks

    Look at his wee face! Guilty as charged but too adorable to be angry at. 🙂

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