Mr. Charles, it’s been a long time …

We were so excited to see him again.
IMG_3850And we think Jaffa has a little crush on Charles.

He’s all grown up now – so when we walk together we’re almost the same size.IMG_3890He came to stay over – hooray! But my goodness, when Mummy called us to bed, Charlie leapt up and plonked himself on top of Mummy! IMG_3934And all night he slept like that, his paw around Mummy’s neck.IMG_3957Leaving us out in the cold.IMG_3933As we’ve lost our usual places.IMG_3931We tried to snuggle up …IMG_3948But there was hardly any space.

In the morning, we confronted him – “What’s the deal, Charlie boy?IMG_3966Are you going to do this every night while you’re here?  You’re our guest and she’s OUR Mummy.”

Somehow I don’t think it’s going to make a difference.  He’s a snuggle bug and it makes Mummy happy. And it’s only a few days, so he can have top position.

May’s comment: Handsome Charlie. Haven’t seen him since August last year – he remembered us, even knew which door to go to and took no time in making himself at home.IMG_3861He has got to be the most cuddly poo – he really jumped on the bed and with no hesitation plonked his heavy-weight body on my pillow and his head on my face. And he proceeded to snore – such a little man, he is!  Even when I moved, he is not disturbed.  And he basically stayed that way all night – in various positions.IMG_3937My two are a lot gentler. They love sleeping next to me, on the pillow but they do not plonk themselves on me. They walk over and settle down, curling up – usually butt facing me. But Charlie, his face right in mine. When his head is on my chest, I can feel his breathing on my neck.

During the day, when he needed a little attention, he would jump up on my lap while I’m at the desk and would lie there while I work. IMG_4045Wish mine would do the same.

When I walk down the street with Darcy and Charlie, I get stopped – one more beautiful than the other, and the other as cute as can be!  Isn’t it nice?


  1. Jill Keiser

    What a friendly chap that Charlie is! How nice of Darcy and Georgie to not get enraged! Hope you continue to have a pleasant visit with Charlie the Cockapoo!

  2. Margaret Danks

    Happiness is…3 snuggle pups on the bed.

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