It’s Blue Eyes!

Mummy was as usual walking around the town of Megève completely mesmerised by the number of dogs walking about And completely wishing we were there with her.She was imagining all the coats that we would be wearingOr not!And then she caught sight of this little guy!Three-month old Nobu (yes, named after the Japanese restaurant!)She’s husky puppy with beautiful blue eyes.  The kiddies loved him as much as they love us.

As they walked on, Mummy then saw what she thought was the first doodle sighting! She ran across the road and asked what breed it was, short of asking if it was a labradoodle.Pongo was his name and he turned out to be a Lagotto Romagnolo – the only breed defined as a truffle hunter.  They resemble a cross between a poodle and a terrier. Well, not quite a doodle!  And once upon a time, Mummy thought I might train to be a truffle hunter as I had shown great interest in truffles. LOL! Problem is I might eat them.

And I was very relieved to hear that Little Tyke told Mummy that he wished I was there with them. Phew! Loyalty!

May’s comment: I have seen so many breeds of dogs in Megève – but still no cockapoo nor any doodles for that matter!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Beautiful doggies

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