It’s all about George

Sara Abbott painted my portrait two years ago – IMG_1374Well, that was the first of many portraits to come after. IMG_1372On our growing gallery wall, there’s half of one with George.  Mummy finally thought – George is going nowhere and it’s time he has his own portraiture.

So today, Sara came to take photos of George.IMG_1514 George was a little confused as to what was happening.IMG_1501But he has become quite the poser.IMG_1509He needed a little help to look into the camera as he was looking at Mummy, with questioning eyes.IMG_1506 But that rustling plastic always does the job.IMG_1505His eyes followed it dutifully.IMG_1504It didn’t take long at all. And at the end of the session, he was being cheeky monkey! IMG_1552When they sat down to review the shots, both Sara and Mummy were really pleased – a lot of – Awwww! IMG_1518I think they’ve found the money shot!

May’s comment: For someone who used to think it’s strange of people to have paintings of their dogs, well, I now not only have portraits but a whole gallery – and growing!!!

At the moment the gallery is dominated by Darcy with half of one with George in it.  IMG_1375And it was one of him when his eyes were still vacuous.

Is there space for one more?  Yes, we’ll make space.

Can’t wait to see it!

Sara Abbott is a portrait artist. The first time we met was at Harrods Pet Kingdom where she was painting dog portraits. I was taken by the simplicity of the portraits and yet it’s subject had so much depth of emotion. I loved the way she depicted the dog faces. They captured the expressions and the very faces we love – whether it was the raised crooked eyebrows, the cocked head or the deep knowing stare from dark brown eyes. She captured Darcy’s expressions – it’s not just another dog portrait. Sara


  1. Liz

    Dear little Georgie he has come such a long way.

  2. Jill Keiser

    We have a gallery of mostly pastels of our dogs, past and present, going up our stairway. We have not had a painting done of Gina, our doxador. Sara Abbott has done such beautiful work with paintings of Miss Darcy and George, do you think she would consider doing a painting from an assortment of pictures we would take and send her from North Carolina?

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Jill, of course she would. She had done it before though she prefers to have met them to also understand their personalities. But maybe Skype might help in some ways. Try emailing her – if you can’t get through, contact me and I will send you her email. x

  3. Margaret Danks

    Little Georgeous deserves his space on the wall next to his big sister. They are both such characters.

  4. It was great to photograph George yesterday – very excited to be creating his portrait too. But just noticed Darcy has missed a ‘b’ from my website – it should read

    Sara xx

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