Doggone it! Not all of Chelsea is dog-friendly!

Even the shop displays speak my vocabulary! ūüôā

Mummy and I spent all of yesterday day doing her things РALL DAY long!

We went to a framing store first on King’s Road. ¬†IMG_1419I always like to check things out behind the counter because that’s where I can find food. ¬†But there was none here.IMG_1422 As the humans debated how to re-frame a piece of artwork – I just don’t know what else to do …IMG_1409And decided I’ll lay in the sun while they deliberated.

Are we ready to leave now?IMG_1410 Next stop was equally uninteresting for me. ¬†A hardware store?IMG_1423We don’t often go into one so I had a look at¬†ground/eye-level gadgets – to see if any of them might be toys.

We stayed on¬†King’s road and walked to Varenna PoliformIMG_1430We looked at some rather spiffy kitchen units. ¬†Mummy liked this a lot.¬†IMG_1428 After Poliform we walked to Chelsea Farmers Market …¬†IMG_1440… and I know what’s in store!IMG_1442Hooray! We’re finally doing something for me –IMG_1444Checking out some treats at Pet Pavilion! Mummy said she had to replenish the treat jar at home as those puzzles that we play with everyday eats up¬†a lot of treats!

Then it was time for Mummy’s lunch at Pellicano on ElstIMG_1449Another Italian dog-friendly place, another place to wait longingly for “hand-me-downs” and today I had a little more than bread or grissini. I had a small piece of calamari – Mummy’s into us having fishy type treats.¬†
IMG_1448 After lunch, test another kitchen place.IMG_1450 I sat and waited while the humans talked.IMG_1451 What is a kitchen without food. I do not comprehend.IMG_1457 Then we saw this rather interesting display.¬†IMG_1458 Words I know!IMG_1461 We finally made our way home when along came clip-clopping. What’s happening?IMG_1472Horse-drawn carriage on King’s Road? ¬†Is it Throw-back Thursday? Alas, one more stop –¬†IMG_1474I guess humans have to sit as well as eat. ¬†We were looking at sofas this time.

But before we finally went home, we dropped in at Mummy’s¬†project site. ¬†Now, all day we’ve been going everywhere together. But when we arrived at this place where Mummy¬†decides who comes and goes – she decided I couldn’t go in!!! IMG_1426Funny, isn’t it? She said it’s¬†too dusty and better that I don’t. So I sat by the door to wait for her.

We finally got home – then Mummy went to get George who had a playdate with Jaffa.IMG_1476So what did you do today, Georgie while I walked what seemed like miles with Mummy. You ran and chased and tumbled with Jaffa?

But our day did not end there. All three of us went out for dinner with Adele at The Abingdon.IMG_1478 Sitting on the banquette and hoping for the best!IMG_1481 Nothing?IMG_1483It has been a long day for me. After dinner we took the bus home from Kensington.  All of us we knackered.

May’s comment: ¬†I never think twice about taking Darcy with me on our daily errands.

Pellicano is another dog-friendly Italian near Chelsea Green. An intimate trattoria. There’s another Italian down the road, Elistano that is also dog friendly.IMG_1446

Pellicano Restaurant at 19-21 Elystan Street

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