Ready or not, here we come! The Equafleece Trio …

The sun was out but the grounds at Westfield park after two days of rain – was scaringly muddy – not according to us, but for Mummy. She would have been fretting every time we decided to roll.

That’s why we donned our Equafleeces  – in all shades of colours!Jaffa in red, me in orange and George – he has the fluorescent yellow just in case – you know what!

We were a flurry of colours As we ran  Both Jaffa and I were giving chase after speedy Georgie! Back and forth we ran We barked and chasedAnd then we met Bella, also a cockapoo and she has a brown one on! and she has a brown one on! Cockapoos in Equafleeces! And George

May’s comment: The sun finally came out after two days of almost continuous rain but that is no comfort to dog-walkers and fretting owners. The parks will be muddy and for some reason Westfield Park in West London is usually muddy and on a day like this – you can be guaranteed it will be. So no chances taken with three dogs – all in their Equafleeces – their Polartec Fleece coats.

And after that, brushing down! Darcy’s legs tend to get matted after wearing it. But it sure saves me from washing her entire body. We just had the paws to rinse and their Equafleeces go into the wash!

Recommendation – get them a size bigger so they matt less! Don’t get them tight-fitting. I did early on and it was way too tight.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Yes! Equafleeces are the best for muddy weather and for identifying doggies!

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    What a colourful little quartet, no risk of losing you!

  3. Nancy Koon

    What a colorful crew!!

  4. Cheryl

    How fun and everyone is happy, dogs get to run and you have easy clean up!

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