It’s Pup-Up at West Elm!

We were invited to a one day Etsy Pup-Up shop at West Elm today – so we went to snoop around.

It was all the way at Tottenham Court Road – not so familiar with this part of town – in fact I don’t think George and I have ever been here before – so not sure where we were going till we found these paw marks …IMG_9861And we knew we were on the right track …

And we definitely knew we had arrived when we saw these dog treats all laid out for us –IMG_9860Lots of greetingsIMG_9805 FussingIMG_9807 And then we saw a familiar face from Edwyn UK – Products for Hound and Home.  This is Louise and we’ve met her a few times at Spitalfields MarketIMG_9871Louise showed us her new designs – and voila! Cockapoos or really any doodles IMG_9841When we first met her at Spitalfields market more than three years ago, we asked if she would do a cockapoo design – IMG_9840So here we are!!!  Hooray! – Neckerchiefs, Key Rings and Treat bags!

And these are all her lovely handmade cushionsIMG_9832 There were a others too all doing doggy things.

This is Harriet from Hello Harriet – who does lovely illustrations and make them into funky things like nail transfers, tattoos, bags, cards, etc, etc.IMG_9870As of now she only has a pug illustrated – hmmm, think it’s time we have her do one of cockapoos or doodles as well!!!  We shall change the face of dog retail! LOL!!!

And nearby was teepee for George from Pup Tart – which is all about handmade accessories for pets and homeIMG_9815George tried one for sizeIMG_9845 And more doggy things!IMG_9857And more fussingIMG_9818There were a few other doggies around.  A couple of happy dachshunds who were not so happy to see us each time we ran into them – 🙂  We fond out that Georgie who is Mr. Social doesn’t seem to like French Bull dogs – he snapped at this little one just like he did at the one we met at The Plantation last weekend.IMG_9824With all that excitement, and the heat, we needed water – IMG_9844May’s comment: Well, that was fun for a Saturday morning! And lovely to have seen their shop. Know West Elm from the States – so nice to see them here.

West Elm UK at 209 Tottenham Court Road

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