A Dog in the Church

Our friend Vinnie, a Bedlington Terrier told us about a dog on a stained glass window at St. Mary’s Church at The Boltons.  So I went with Mummy to check it out.
IMG_9777Dogs are not allowed in but the guy cleaning the church said Mummy looked like a responsible dog owner and that I was well-behaved so we were allowed in. 🙂

And there it is!IMG_9770Pose for photo time.
IMG_9771 We had to take a closer look.IMG_9776Looks like a dog to me!IMG_9775Seen it all now!IMG_9773May’s comment: The stain glass window was designed by John Ronald Craigie Aitchison, a Scottish painter. He was best known for his many paintings of the Crucifixion and his signature trademark is Bedlington Terriers in all his artwork.

So when he was commissioned to design the stain glass window at the St. Mary’s Church in the Boltons – sure enough there was a Bedlington Terrier.IMG_9774

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  1. Marzi

    King’s College Chapel Cambridge has dogs in too…

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