It’s Squad Goals at Dogstival!

We had so much fun at Dogstival! We met our London friends and scored Squad Goals!

Here we are arriving at the event.

Fred, Lilliput, Me, Dora, Barnaby

Almost as soon as we entered the grounds, we saw Cristina with Argo!

Hello Cristina and Argo!

And very quickly we met the Cavdashians – Tilly, Marnie and Maddie.

And little Hattie

Squad Goals!

We met baby Cindy – the latest member of the Iggy Family!

We hung out at the Press Tent for some reprieve and ran into the Poms –

Cedric and Koda

And lots of Frenchies and Daschunds.

Hello Daphne!

And Belinha

And there were many others we didn’t get to meet.

Freddie, Barnaby and I checked out the stands –

Slurps – yum! yum!

Dog Bakery – we like!

Scrumbles has new foods.

Fishy foods by Good Chaps.

I like! I approve!

Ahhhh, straining to get to it.

More food stalls – loving this Dogstival.

And then there was Different Dog – we had these before

and they were simply delicious!

Taste testing?

The weather was little funny – sometimes it was cool and then it got very hot.

And this St. Bernard decided he needed cooling down so he put his front paws in the tub of water.

We checked out some of the activities –

Er, Mum said – No not this one. Wonder why.

But we did go to the FlyBall tries – though we didn’t do the FLyBall but the run.

Watch me run towards Mum
In slow-mo
And back again
And then I thought – naw! I’m going back to Mum.

May’s comment: It was a fun day running into friends.

There are quite a few of these dog events at this time of the year and yet the dog owners come in droves.

It was lovely to see so many big dogs – we don’t see a lot of them in London. have for things like this when you can take your dogs out.


  1. Maggie

    Bessie loves her time at Dogstival today – sorry we never spotted Miss Darcy

  2. Jill Keiser

    Looks like Darcy, Fred, and the gang really had a great time at Dogstival! Lots of play time and good food, too!

  3. Belle

    Lovely time at Dogstival! We were exhausted afterwards, but well worth it. Happy we got to run into you!

  4. Linda Weinberger

    Koda, your New York friends wishes he could have been with you. It looked like so much fun!!!! Woof, woof.

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