Some R&R in a Tree House before Dogstival

Woohoo! It’s Dogstival weekend at Pylewell Park.

We had heard that it will be a day filled with activities. So Fred and I thought we would check in at Chewton Glen for some R&R before all the fun to be had.

While dogs are not allowed in the main house – we really didn’t mind. Because dogs are allowed in the Tree Houses.

Welcome to Spruce!

We couldn’t wait to go inside our Tree House.

Look Mum! Look at all the treats they provided for us. Lots of Billy + Margot treats and a can of food plus a bottle of water

And two beds for the each of us – though we prefer to share.

Let’s check out the balcony …

But we also needed to explore the grounds –

Fred and I don our yellow raincoat, running through the paths of the forest.

We walked onto some wide open fields.

Not another living soul in sight.

So while at it, we did some posing in our Equafleeces.

We didn’t find any other live animals …

And happy to return to our lovely Tree House.

But when Afternoon Tea was served, we got locked outside on the balcony.

Mum and Belinda were just joking. They did let us back in and we waited for bits of scones.

And then it was time for beddy-bye. Must rest-up for tomorrow’s day at Dogstival.

Woke up early this morning – and went outside for some morning meditation.

The doorbell rang and an amazing breakfast hamper was delivered to our Tree House.

Sure smells delicious, doesn’t it Fred?

Come look, Fred! I can smell sausages.

What a spread!

We’re now ready for DOGSTIVAL!!!

May’s comment: Yes, indeed a bit of R&R at Chewton Glen before a day at Dogstival.

Looking forward to seeing our friends at Pylewell House Park.

Hope to see some of you there!

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