Ivy, Max and Sprinkles too – another day in LA

To start our day in LA we needed a lift to Westfield – which really was a 5-min walk down the road from The Peninsula.

But the hotel offered us a ride in the Rolls Royce. How could we refuse?

We were going to meet Mum’s friends – who were eager to meet me. Mum forgets that though Her friends follow our blog, and seem to know everything about me – they have yet to meet me.

This is Stacy.

And we were most excited to meet Kim’s newest addition to their family.

Kim told us Maisy’s story –

Maisy, we think is a poodle and Westie cross.

Maisy was born to a homeless person. At around eight months, she was given away and was adopted by an elderly lady.

Three years on, the elderly person found it difficult to have a dog and decided to give her up. That was when Kim and her family were looking for a dog to join their family. Many had applied to adopt “Daisy” and there seemed little chance that Kim’s family would get her. But Kate decided otherwise – for when Kim and Roy went to meet the owner, she decided they would be her next family. Daisy became Maisy two months ago and now has become a very loved member of Kim’s family.

Lunch at The Ivy

We met at the Westfield Century City shopping centre – which seems soooo dog friendly – that apparently we could have sat inside as well.

It was a quick meet-up as Kim and Stacy had to go and we had a lunch date at The Ivy on Robertson Blvd.

We met Laura there.

Mum loved all the flowers – everywhere

Roses – is the theme.

She had to have the lobster ravioli with The Ivy pink sauce.

And they brought me water in this flower bowl.

Though we loved sitting outside, I would also have been allowed inside. Amazing.


After lunch we went across the street to Max-Bone.

There we met Lady, the miniature Schnauzer.

Her mum told Lady that other dogs are allowed in the store,

After that, we co-existed nicely while Mum was shopping.

There were a few pieces in contention.

But what we wanted most were out of sizes. But Mum bought George something which she reminded her of George. 🙂

We went back to The Ivy to collect Laura’s car from the valet.

What happened to our Rolls Royce?

Next stop – SPRINKLES!

This was the very first Sprinkles that Mum went to – it is also super close to The Peninsula Hotel where Mum always stayed at whenever she was in LA.

Hey Mum, we don’t have to go inside …

Pupcakes! Appear!

Why aren’t the cupcakes coming out?

Oh, here we can go inside!!!

Los Angeles sure seems a little better than NYC – in terms of dog-friendliness.

Home time

We went home to Laura’s – and I met two other new friends.

This is Emma – she is a Morkie, i.e. two thirds of George.

She’s a real love bug. Like George she loves a good belly rub.

And this is Jasper.

A little apprehensive of me.

But of so funny when he tries to speak.

We settled in and rested for the afternoon – busy day.

In the evening, Mum wanted to go to Il Pistaio for dinner – a favourite stand-b. And I got to tag along.

I could sit inside the barrier …

And checked out what was going on from under the table.

So far Los Angeles is proving to be an easier place for me to co-exist with Mum. Even more reasons to love L.A.

May’s comment:

What a lovely day! Meeting friends with dogs, eating out at some of my fave places – and no rain!

I just assumed all my friends have met Darcy but obviously not. Interesting that all of them mentioned that Darcy is a lot smaller than they had imagined her to be.


  1. Hello Darcy, you are sure having a wonderful time. We love reading all about your holiday. Can we just get one thing clear? Are you saying that if a doodle sits under the Sprinkles ATM a pup cake falls out? That sounds like heaven!!! Please tell Sprinkles to come to London. Love Dante & DeDe ??

  2. Stacey

    I’m so happy to have met Darcy after reading her blog for so many years. She is indeed smaller than I expected but such a love. Come back to LA soon Miss Darcy. Xo Stacey

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