And now for West Coast doodles in LA…

It was an early morning rise. 4.30am to be precise. And in a NY cab to JFK.

We had an interesting experience on the plane. Mum was hoping there wouldn’t be anyone sitting next to her – but she wasn’t so lucky. But thankfully just like our other flight, the passenger loves dogs and even offered to have me sit right next to her.

And so I sat with my head on her lap most of the way.

We arrived in Los Angeles at 10am – and guess who met us at the airport?

Hi Benny … I know Mum was really excited to meet you.

I’ve never been to L.A. – and this was one place Mum really wanted to bring me to. It’s one of her favourite places.

We arrived at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Mum’s favourite place to stay – for old times sake.

After checking in, we took a moment to sit and have cuddle time.

Bennett and I wearing our Distinguished Dog Company bandanas.
Melanie and me

Checking out my bed and the room menu for dogs.

But that comes later. For now, we had places to see and friends to meet – and off we went to Santa Monica to Sweet Lady Jane.

Outside seating – of course.

Chicken Pot Pie looks good, Mum.

And then we heard someone calling our names. We turned to see who it was and saw that it was Bennett’s friend, Kona.

She is a very BIG labradoodle. Feeling small.
This is Kona’s family – and will be adding another member to the family.

There were so many doggies that kept passing by – and one of them stopped to introduce – Magic.

As in Magic Johnson.

After lunch, we went for a walk down Montana …

To another L.A. kinda place.


But that was not the end of our unofficial doodle meet-up. Just before we said good bye, along came Mookie – a cavapoo.

Well, that was my first intro to Los Angeles. Like NYC, there are a lot of doodles here too.

May’s comment:

Melanie and Bennett are one of the reasons we’re visiting L.A. I met Melanie and Dick a few years ago – but Dick has since passed on.

And their blind cockapoo, Jake had gone to join Dick at the Rainbow Bridge a few months later. Dick and I met via this blog – and over time, we had a communication going and they were the reason I went to LA the last time. (

Since then Melanie had adopted Bennett – a mini Australian labradoodle – with such a sweet nature

and such a smiley face.

More doodles to meet in the coming days – and their owners aka friends – LOL.

I do love being back in L.A. – I would live here.


  1. Julie Entwistle

    Such cuties and what an exciting trip you’re having 🙂 x

  2. Yvonne Cauldwell

    Love ? this. Enjoy ? xx

  3. Jill Keiser

    Nice to know you and Darcy are having fun in the States even though you’re so far away from Nikki, Gina, and me in North Carolina!

  4. Rusty and Maryine

    Looks fab May, enjoy it

  5. Angela Dillon

    Wowser. Check those eyelashes Bennett. Darcy your friends are fabulous. Hope you continue to have a great holiday May ????

  6. Ari

    Who did you fly with?

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