January Doodle meet-up

Good morning!!! It’s Monday – the beginning of another week!

But at the weekend, we will be gathering with friends for our January Doodle Meet!

But seriously, can you believe it’s already the end of January? 

It was six years ago when we had our first Cockapoo Meet back in January 2013 …

Four cockapoos came together – Charlie, Zavia, Rocko and Darcy (aged not yet two!!!)
L-R: Zavia, Charlie, Rocko, Darcy.
Though only one of the four are still around.

Who knew that six years later, we’re still meeting up? We’re no longer just Cockapoos – we’ve become Doodles! 

This was the first meet-up this year on the 6th January. 

Jeannie with Snoopy (labradoodle), Lisa with Mac and Maisie, Noura with Teddy (cavapoo), Darcy, Rubyni with Bella (cavapoo), Claire with Dudley, Hannah with Oscar, Angela with Poppi, Fyfy and Toffy (toy poodles), Rafael & Anna with Ted (maltipoo), Ruth & Lawrence with Ted, Chloe with Pepa (cavapoo), Posey with Eppie (cavapoo), George (aka Le Mutt), Liz & Family with Coco, Carmen with Winnie (cavapoo), Alison with Ivy (cockapoo)

Note: names of humans!!! 🙂

May’s comment: I saw some cherry blossoms last Friday!

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolution but I decided to do something about remembering names of humans this year!  So bear with me – I am bound to get them wrong. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you this coming Sunday, 27 January.

Same place: behind the Serpentine Gallery

Same time: 11am – 12noon

Same group photo timing at 11.30am
Any questions, please contact me.

If you want to be added to our email distribution list, please contact me.


  1. beverly Tahor


    Good morning.

    Reading your blogs everyday puts a smile on my face.

    Unfortunately my little fella – Maxi passed away last June . He was 10 years old and my best friend, and there is not a day I don’t think about him. I was thinking about getting another dog but then I became a grandma and decided it would be too difficult looking after my grand daughter and a puppy. Would be possible to come to the doodle meet without having a dog as I would love to met your two. Bev xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Good morning Beverly. I am sorry to hear of Maxi’s passing. They sure have a way or stealing our hearts and that is where they will stay.

      Of course you can come and play with the doodles. Will you come this Sunday? We’d love it.

      Have you thought of getting an older dog who is already house trained? X

  2. beverly Tahor


    Thank you for your message. I can’t make this Sunday but would love to come to the next one .

    Bev xx

  3. beverly Tahor


    Looking forward to meeting you all.

    Bev x

  4. Rose Lonsdale

    If we can possibly make it on Sunday Peggy-poo and i would love to join you x

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