Sunday Movie day Funday

Couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday!

It was a dog-friendly showing at Picturehouse Central.

We arrived early to have a coffee with Sara and Lola.
All too soon, it was time to get our seats.
And today’s showing is Stan & Ollie
George with our friends Hattie and Lola
Barnaby on the other side
You want a photo of me with the popcorn?
Well, this is the price to pay – enjoying Mum’s popcorn!

I can safely say that all the hoomans enjoyed the film. Some of them even cried. ๐Ÿ™‚

We all then went to have lunch at the ever so dog-friendly 40 Dean Street!

Here’s Argo, Barnaby, me, Lola, George – and…
Little Hattie – who left before we had a group photo.

It was just a coincidence but at every table in the restaurant there was a dog. We had six! LOL!

This little guy was at the next table! George was flirting with her.
Ozzy a sausage dog!
Mia – a beautiful crossbreed rescue
And this is Wine – a Westie-poo!!!! And she’s coming to our doodle meet next week!!!! Come and meet her, all ye doodles!
Look at Argo – the world’s most friendly dog ever!!!

It was such a lovely day – the weather, the company, the movie, the most dog welcoming restaurant!

And as we went for our late afternoon walk,

We caught a brilliant sunset.
Mum, can we do this all over again?

Life’s good!

May’s comment: We love our Picturehouse Central dog-friendly showings. Unlike a lot of places that do dog movie events Picturehouse Central understands that the event is for humans who want to enjoy a good movie with their furry kids. Today we saw the award-nominated “Stan & Ollie” – a movie tribute to two comic legends.

There were big laughs, touching moments that made us all shed a tear to two, about what’s really important when all fanfare’s gone – the loyalty of friendship. It was a big-hug movie which made us all feel good – well-casted and fabulous acting. We walked away feeling we truly enjoyed a good film with our fur kids and our friends – not just another gimmicky doggy event.

I remember my Granny used to love them and I never understood why. I saw a fat man and a skinny man who did silly things. Today, I understood it better. Ahhh, to be older and wiser. Maybe one day I will also understand why she loved The Three Stooges. Maybe she did have a sense of humour, dear Granny!

We all walked out of the cinema into the winter sunshine and walked a short way to 40 Dean Street – an Italian restaurant in Soho. I had called to say we were five but did not mention we had six dogs amongst us. When we walked in – there were dogs at every table. Italian restaurants tend to be dog-friendly but this was exceptional. The food was good basic Italian! Will definitely add this to our Wine & Dine list.

Good movie, good food, fabulous weather. Lovely Sunday before the start of another week.


  1. How totally pawesome!

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