January Doodle Meet-Up

It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” – John Grogan

Though we had a meet in early January, this was our official meet today for the first month of 2019. Even though is was cold we still had a total of 36 doodles and furry friends that came together.

We were all sizes.

Coco, Sydney (a Miki) and Ella
Little Pickle!
Teddy, Buddy and Topley
Archie having a sniff
Barnaby, Monty (goldendoodle) and me
Little Stella with her family.
That’s Stormy, a mini goldendoodle
Little Bella
Little Buddy
Poppi and Oscar – growing up fast!

The following are “treat” shots. Note: I am in almost every one of them!

Me and Bella
Barnaby, me and I think that is not Coco but “an intruder”
Rusty, Bella, me with Teddy (maltipoo) with his brother Topley (Jack Russell)
Rusty looking on with great anticipation
Johnny just posing.
Bella, me, Coco, Teddy and Topley
Buddy and me
This is Max and I missed a treat!
There were about five mini and regular labradoodles and goldendoodles amongst us, But because they were so large it seemed like there were a lot more of them! LOL!
The big ones – Digby, Bowie, Monty and Floyd in the distance. Ella, Archie and little Sydney were getting involved.
Do you think they rather like balls?
We all do!
So who has the ball?
And of course one of Mum’s favourite – Winston. He has a special place in her heart.
Happy Theo!
Theo and Winston doing their double act
Look at how these two have grown – Oscar and Poppi – we measure them against me at each meet! LOL!
And me and George, we chased away every one else that wasn’t;t one of our furry friends!
It’s always the little ones that have no fear. It was George and Sydney who took on the big fella who came close!
George and Bella – getting ready for the group photo
Back: Sydney (Miki), Teddy, Ted, Poppi, Oscar, Johnny, Rusty, Bella, Ivy, Buddy, Digby (Labradoodle)

Front: Petra, Max, Ella, Winston (Poochon), Theo (Cavachon), George (Le Mutt), Barnaby, Darcy, Bella (Cavapoo), Archie, Coco, Pickle, Fenway (Havanese), Floyd (Labradoodle), Clementine, Monty (Goldendoodle)

9 of them can’t placed or missing from pic: 
Hiro (mini labradoodle), Stella, Stormy (mini goldendoodle), Monty, Toffee, Bowie (goldendoodle), Loki, Harley – and Topley (Jack Russell)

Till our next meet-up in February!

May’s comment: Woohoo! What a turnout! 35 doodles and furry friends!

But it was not without a little drama. We had a little incident. George was running with the big boys when he got knocked over by one and while in a state of shock, lying on his side on the ground, he was then stepped on by another. He got up limping again but on his leg hind leg – different to the previous injury. I think both times he might have sprained them. Will have to keep an eye on this.

The weather was good to us. Though freezing, it held till after we have arrived home. Thank you everyone for being there!

Our next meet will be on the 24th February at 11am and our group photo is always around 11.30am.


  1. jackie lalwani

    Dearest May
    thank you so much for this meet. great to see you Darcy and George again!!!
    It was a splendid meet and we enjoyed it .
    Sadly we saw the car crash with poor George playing with the “big boys and girls”
    Sending George our love and cuddles and hoping is leg recovers
    with love Jackie Dee and Ellie x

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you for coming! Did you see what happened? I thought he was knocked over but someone said he was also stepped on. Poor little guy.

  2. Jessica

    Dear May, thanks so much for organising the meet up, it was great fun and we all really enjoyed it! Bella loved all the other Doodles! Hope George’s leg is OK. Love Jessica, James, Allegra and Bella

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi! Hi! Was it Allegra holding Bella. Did I get that right? So glad you all came and I hope you will keep coming! Xxx

  3. Alison Wood

    Thank you for organising these May and letting us all share the doodle joy. Ivy has such a great time meeting up with the other doodles.
    I hope George is feeling better today.


    Hi – can you let me know where and when the next meet up will be please, I would love to bring my cockapoo Bertie along?

    Thank you

    • Miss Darcy

      Of course you can. It is always the last Sunday of every month. I’ll put you on our distribution list so you will get emails. But also friend our FB pages – we announce them there and also on our blog.

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