Oy vey! Not again!

Little George is never without drama.

At our Doodle Meets, George takes on everyone that is a non-doodle

George is off barking at this massive dog who came into our “territory”
I went to assist. But Mum quickly called us away. George could be have been minced meat!

There were a lot of doodles at the meet yesterday

and George has never seen himself as a small dog.

George was running alongside with the big boys, getting into the action when one of them turned around and properly knocked him over. And while he was down, another of the big boys stepped on him.

Poor little chap. He was in shock and when he got up he was limping on his other back leg.

He was back on the leash and stayed with Ruby.
His back left leg obviously tender – but he remained feisty.

May’s comment: After a visit to the vet just last week, we agreed that George did not require anything further for his injury from last November. He seemed to have recovered and doing just fine. Little dogs, I was told do get away with such injuries. They form scar tissue and just gets on with daily affairs. He might get arthritis eventually but that’s not a given. Just anything to delay having to go under the knife.

And then this happened yesterday. Poor little chap. He was completely knocked over by a very big labradoodle or a goldendoodle. Unfortunately for him, when he was down, another one stepped on him.

In total shock, he got up and hobbled away lifting his back left leg. This is the other leg where he has a weak patella. Will keep an eye on him. After his last injury, his condition improved after a week.

Not looking good last night though he is still himself with food and getting excited about going out. He has difficulties going up the stairs and he doesn’t seem to understand he has to use the good leg to stand when doing a pee. Trying to lead him to pee standing on the other leg is more complicated than it is obvious.


  1. Liz Burman

    Poor little George in the wars again. He really will have to stop thinking he’s Rotweiller!! I hope his leg recovers quickly.😘😘😘

  2. Carol Ellis

    We’d love to come to one of your meets one day. Would that be allowed?

  3. Cheryl

    Poor George! I do hope and pray he will recover quickly and have no further issues!

  4. Jill Keiser

    I will be praying for George that both legs will heal properly and that his accidents will cease.

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you. He sure needs his guardian angels – they are working overtime at the moment

  5. Deborah

    Oh, no George! Sending u a healing snuggle from California!

  6. Ian Harrison

    Poor, little George, in the wars again! Hope his leg gets better quickly. He needs and (we all know) he’ll get lots of hugs and cuddles.

  7. Deborah MacIntyre

    Prayers fir a quick recovery, George.
    My Rexy was almost plowed into today! I just don’t understand owners who allow their dogs to run up to another dog (without asking the pup’s owner/ human parent). No class nor manners!

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