A booster at Jakobs

It was a late night for us last night. Mummy had a deadline. But no rest for the weary this morning either. Mummy needed a booster of carrot, apple and ginger juice to keep her going!IMG_4094Jakobs on Gloucester Road is along the path we take to Kensington Gardens. We pass it all the time …
IMG_4088So it is rather convenient for a picker-upper when it’s too early for Mummy.

This is Victor and he told us a story how a regular customer who comes often with his two dogs were told off by another customer that the dog owner had no right to bring dogs into the restaurant. Victor told him off and said – he had no right to determine who comes and goes in that restaurant because it is not his place and refused to serve him any further.IMG_4086Thank you Victor for standing by us. We need more people like you.IMG_4084 May’s comment:  I’ve walked past Jakob’s Cafe & Deli so many times back and forth from the park and never  thought this is a dog-friendly place. Never assume, always ask, I have learnt.

We have written about the dog-friendly places along Gloucester Road and managed to totally miss out on the one that is most welcoming.  In their own words – dogs are always nicer than humans!

IMG_4090Jakobs is a casual bistro. They serve an excellent choice of freshly Mediterranean-inspired and made organic foods served with a friendly smile.  They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On Wednesday evenings they have jazz and the evening musical entertainment continues for the rest of the week. We’re looking forward to a Jazz evening one of these nights.IMG_4089Address: 20 Gloucester Rd, London SW7 4RB

Jakobs is found in our Wine & Dine tab under Greek/Mediterranean cuisine.

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  1. Alison Mullett

    I clearly need to move! It’s a real struggle to find any restaurants, cafes or pubs near me who allow dogs in. They all say it’s against health and hygiene regulations!!

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