That picture isn’t straight!

We’ve been teaching Churchill all the things he needs to be aware so he’s ready for what comes his way.

Like noticing when a picture isn’t hung straight. LOL!

His first lesson – it is not ok to just let out a poo in the home whenever he needed to. The first night was excusable as he was stressed out and had diarrhoea, and Mummy couldn’t read his body language. Since then he had learnt he needed to wait – and he is learning.  Mummy told him in no uncertain terms that is unacceptable!

From that one faux pas, he has gone from strength to strength. Socially, he respects other dogs. He is mostly friendly and playful. But when there’s one that he doesn’t like, he stays away. He is not confrontational. Not like George! Ark! Ark! Ark! George would bark. Unfortunately, Churchill seems to be picking up that one bad habit from Georgie.

Yesterday while George was with one of his biggest fans, Victoria, a seven-year old who loves George like her own, borrowed him for the day, we took Joanna and Churchill to lunch at a gastro pub – not far from where we live. This was his first time out with us to a place where he has to practice sitting quietly.

We went to The Surprise Pub –Yes, it’s a surprise indeed for Churchill!

We have been practising – going down to the local Juice Bar where they are not fussy. And dogs come and go all day long. Churchill had whimpered but he soon settled, getting the drill. So we thought he might be ready for a trial run.

Going to a pub is a lot easier for his first time than a restaurant or even cafe. He whimpered. He wasn’t sure why we were not in a park. But he soon smelled the food and his interest was peaked. And so was mine. Darcy!” Mummy spoke sternly. “Thou shall not misbehave in front of Churchill. You shall set a good example.Darn! That food smelt delicious. And then Churchill started talking. And he didn’t stop – so to shut him up, Mummy shared her fish-n-chips with us. She thinks white fish is a good combo for our meaty diet.  Tsk! Tsk! Mummy – you’re teaching him bad habits.Well done, Churchill, you did it!  Now we might be able to venture a little further.

Once outside, he let out the biggest puddle of pee! Again, well done Churchill, you were able to hold till the right time.

May’s comment: Blame it on my super anal headmistress from Secondary School. She was a real stickler for details.  She would clip-clop her way to classrooms and woe to us if our desks were not aligned! All pictures on the wall must be hung straight.  And that was not the only thing her beady eyes would see – socks, hair, length of uniform for modesty. Her influence on her many students have outlived her. There are many of us who lives her legacy. 🙂

The Surprise, another dog-friendly pub in a quiet, relaxed part of Chelsea. We’ve walked past it many times but we saw this as an opportunity to try somewhere new and a chilled out place to take Churchill on his first outing to an eating establishment. Located at 6 Christchurch Terrace, Chelsea, London SW3 4AJ

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  1. Jane Hamon

    Oh dear….hope George doesn’t see that you guys were dining out without him! 😉

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