Just being dog!

Me and my pals at House of Mutt conferring on what to do next on another busy day … We’re sniffing out new smells – foxes and other animals might have entered our territory in the night.We’re on our walks through the woods.

We’ve been on road tripsIn a few days I will getting ready to go home … sad to leave my pals but excited to hear all about George’s adventures in NYC!

But I wanted to show you, Mummy what I have been learning  …

Everything was easy-peasy but I am still unsure of the see-saw. Now if you send me back here again – more often, I might be able to master that and the slalom! What do you think?

May’s comment: Can’t wait to see my pooch!  She’s coming back a few days later – got so much to return to and she’s having fun at the House of Mutt.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Miss Darcy was born for Agility!

  2. Rebecca Hamilton

    Oh gorgeous Darcy! Look how clever you are ?

  3. Raquel

    She seems so happy going up and down the fixed ramp! I fell I should send Beans there too ??

  4. Christine

    Wow Darcy you are so clever and fast over the jumps.

  5. Alison Mullett

    Miss Darcy you’re an agility star in the making!! Keep practising on the see-saw. You clearly love it x

  6. Margaret Danks

    Darling Darcy, you are an agility star!

  7. Sian

    Oh Darcy!! You are such a good girl!!!!

  8. Davina Lawrence

    Well done darcy. You seem to love agility as much as Johnny does

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