This is why we came to NYC!

We’ve had busy days leading up to the night of the launch but tonight is the night why we came to NYC!

It was the night of Cynthia Araf’s first photography exhibit at the Artefact Gallery in downtown New York.

We were the first there so we could appreciate her work without the crowds – especially for me since I am at ground level. We were super excited for Cynthia- Mummy loves her work.The gallery was quickly filled with hoomans and it was better that Mummy carried me. Well, not the whole time as I got hugs from so many hoomans!Both big and small ones!!!!
Quite a few of Mummy’s friends came to the reception as well – so she had her own little gathering. LOL!And they were all so happy to meet me …
Or to see me again in some cases. Regardless, I got hugged and hugged Thus is Mummy’s own party!  After the gallery opening, we were also invited to the Americano Hotel for drinksAnd nibbles! And I joined the party!

So that was our last night in NYC!There was still so much to do and Mummy said she wished we had till the weekend but you know Mummy, the more days, the more running around. It doesn’t mean we have two free days. 🙂

May’s comment: Very special friends from Mexico, Cynthia was having her first photo exhibition in the US.Love her work! So privileged to know them as friends!

Cynthia Araf‘s works – check out her website.

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  1. Cheryl

    Wow, that was a lot of hugs, but you are so huggable! Glad you had a good time! May, glad you got to see your friends. And you are a great friend May, coming all the way from London to see the opening!

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