Just one more minute

The morning alarm rings. Mum reaches out to hit the snooze button. All good intentions have to wait.

We love our morning snuggles. We are all still a bit sleepy and the bed is warm. There are no sounds outside still.

Once upon a time, I used to wake up Mum and tell her I needed to go out. Except it was early – around 6am. Mum used to leap out of bed and rush me out the door. Well, those days have long gone. These days – there’s something called the snooze button.

Even when Mum wakes up, she doesn’t seem to want to get out of bed.
When I sense that she’s awake, I check on her – Aha! You’re awake!!!
A good morning kiss.

Now how about some breakfast?!?!?!

May’s comment: Every morning I have all the best intention of getting a head start. The alarm goes off and as I reach to turn it off, I feel the tight curled up body of Darcy against my back. “Miss Aloof” loves to snuggle up in the mornings. She plonks herself right up against my back. I don’t want to move in case I wake her up. I don’t want her to move. I like the feel of her body against mine.

I search for George. He’s usually at the back of my legs.

Sometimes Darcy does get up and she would move to sleep to the right of me.
When that happens, George moves up to where she always lay – and then I am completely hemmed in.

And I love it! I don’t want to move. I just lay there soaking in all the love.

But they are not really asleep. They are just waiting for me to stir. The minute I do so, they will both immediately just sit right up and look at me. When I sit up, they will immediately jump off the bed.

George will stretch and then do his spins and Darcy will be stretching – they know what happens next.


Love those morning moments.


  1. Norma

    You are telling my story may. I just love that pushed against your back feeling. I thought I was the only one who didn’t move in case I woke my Cavapoo!

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