Last tree standing

Ahhh, the aftermath of Christmas …

When once so beautifully adorned and admired by all who entered the room in which it stood, now left in the cold, cold pavement.

First there was one standing all by itself.
The next day, they started piling up …
This is the designated area for local residents to leave their trees. They will be collected and then shredded into chippings to be used in parks or woodland areas. A nice bit of consolation – they’re going back to their “origins” – and help protect others. 🙂
This was the saddest one of all. Stripped, broken and thrown by a garbage bin on a busy road.
George disrespectfully bidding farewell to one.
At least, this one was left with a little dignity – still standing in a pot.

May’s comment: It is such a sorry sight – lacklustre trees discarded on pavements, piled up, ready to be taken away. The sight of them is enough to bring a tear to one’s eye.

As much as I love a real tree there are just so many things to think about. We live in a flat. The thought of hauling one up the stairs and even worse, taking it down when all the needles are falling off or it. And trying to keep it well-watered in a heated flat.

So as much as I have thought of getting a real tree every year, I have come to appreciate our little stand-by LED-lit tree. But it too has gone into storage.

Goodbye little tree. I don’t know if you will be replaced next year because one of your branches no longer lights up and another one seems to have been broken. You’ve lit up our room for almost twenty years!

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