To Éire we go

On the road again – and it’s just the two of us. No George. Seems a little strange without little dinky. So I’m back on Mummy’s lap.

IMG_8314We got to Euston Station quickly as it is after all early Sunday morning. The station was not as busy as usual.  Like our matching jackets?IMG_8312But I did eye another dog that was there. No barking from either of us – just watching each other.IMG_8322

We got on the train and settled into our choice of seats – it was quite empty.  Mummy decided we needed an upgrade because we got up so early this morning.
IMG_8324I was tired from the early rise, so I napped almost all the way to Crewe –IMG_8332until I got bored and was eager to get off. I thought if I sat in the middle of the train, we could get going.IMG_8341But Mummy wasn’t having any of it.

When we arrived at Crewe, we immediately boarded another train to Holyhead.  Another boring train ride! IMG_8338And when we did arrive at the final destination – it has this funny name!  It’s Welsh, I was told.IMG_8342We had also arrived at the Stena Line ferries check in.IMG_8344Mummy had looked into other ferries but she couldn’t find others that would allow a foot passenger with dogs.   So we’re grateful for Stena Line to allow us to travel.

The kennels on this crossing was not as considered as the one at Harwich – they did not offer any blankets or water bowls. A bit sparse as one would say.  IMG_8346Mummy wasn’t so happy that she couldn’t come and see me during the crossing but it is only about three hours. I will manage – I have Kong with treats.

But she saw these pictures of dogs in the lounge areas. They have dogs in their staff.IMG_8349

As we neared Dublin, the sun was already setting. IMG_8350Of course I didn’t get to see any of this as I was locked up in a kennel. There were ferries going back and forth.IMG_8355

Well, we made it!   We’re in Dublin.  Mummy has never been to Ireland, so it’s the first time for the both of us.

And we get to see Wendeline again. She came to visit about two years ago.

May’s comment: A nine-hour journey. Easy peasy after Berlin.

And Darcy – good as gold. The ferry boarding was not as straight forward as the Harwich crossing. We had to get on a bus either side. It was crowded with people and she sat quietly on my lap. She wasn’t barking or crying in the kennels either – almost as if she knows this is just the routine.

Now we discover a small part of Ireland.

Saw this funny sign in the Virgin train toilets. 🙂IMG_8334


  1. Aisling Keogh

    Welcome to Dublin! Unfortunately not as dog friendly a city as London. Myself and Mylo are always jealous of all the wonderful things you guys can do together!! Failte

  2. Jocelyn

    Love you Dacykins, a beautiful little star… Luv u loads Lucca XXXXX

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