Top o’ the mornin’ to ya

We’re in Dublin!

Arrived in the dark last evening and now we’re up and now leaving for Galway! Maybe we’ll see something on the way to the train station. I hope we do, I’ve heard about the amazing hotels in Ireland, and how some have HUGE grounds for me to run around and play in! Like The Twelve, hotel in Galway, it’s super fancy but I’m a super fancy dog (I’ll fit right in!).

Before we get onto yet another train, just wanted to say “top o’ the mornin’ to ya!”

IMG_8408We stayed at the Dylan Hotel – a dog friendly boutique hotel. IMG_8361 IMG_8364They welcomed me with my own bed (no need for that!), a water bowl and a bowl full of treats – which Mummy hurriedly took them away! Oh!IMG_8366Our friend Wendeline from Dallas is here for a conference so that’s why we’ve decided to make the trip – not for the conference but to discover a very small part of Ireland together. IMG_8383We went downstairs for supper and knew I was not welcomed in the restaurant but thought we could eat at the bar – but after we sat down, was told we couldn’t. Bummer!  Mummy and Wendeline did try to rationalise with them about the health and safety – she told them that we have dog parties at Gaucho’s and if it was a health issue – she said a lot of people would be dead by now since we have been to so many restaurant! They stood firm and said but that was the hotel policy.

But as the place was rather quiet and hardly anyone there, they relented and told Mummy and Wendeline they could have drinks in the area farthest away from the restaurant.

And then because I was so well-behaved – they said we could eat there too!!!  Hooray! Sorry, I keep saying we can eat there, I meant Mummy and Wendeline could – I just looked on – hoping for some scraps.IMG_8371 Wendeline was drinking some green stuff from a test tube!IMG_8372 Mummy asked if I wanted some – er, no thanks!IMG_8373 After supper we went for a walk and came across this small park across the street from the hotel – how convenient! Did what I had to do at St. Mary’s Park.IMG_8381 We walked a little further on – to do our one bit of Dublin sight-seeing …IMG_8378 At the front of St. Mary’s church – it looked like a miniature Notre Dame.IMG_8377So off to bed after a long day of travels and new sights and smells, it was time for bed.IMG_8393

And we’re off again this morning. Report back later – when we get to the other end of today’s train ride.

May’s comment: Excited to see the Irish countryside.

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