Keep Calm and Carry On

Travelling! Choo-choo train, here we come! Or not!

We’re off on our Christmas travels tomorrow … paws crossed that Strikers in France won’t get in our way. Or we may have to quickly change route and go via Brussels instead.

The current plan is – another early start with our favourite driver, Abdul, driving us to Folkestone for the Eurotunnel crossing. And because of all the recent mayhem in France, we didn’t want to risk missing train connections and thought it best to spend the night there before we travel on. Those Frenchies – they decide whatever they want to do with little warning. Or maybe that’s a bad idea – we are watching the ongoing news feed.

Our travel plans have changed about four times since September. Because of our annual tradition of walking the beach on the first day of the new year – we are always in search of somewhere new. The island of Sylt in the very north of Germany has been for a long time on our list of destinations and this year felt right for it because Mum finally figured out how to get us there. When she called in mid September for accommodation, every hotel was fully booked but could let us know when there was a cancellation. Within a week, we did have a room from the 28 Dec till 2 Jan! Think it had something to do with Mum talking about our blog. So that was when the planning for the Christmas/New Year adventures began.

All packed and ready to travel.

As we’re going to Germany anyway, it made sense to stop over in Dusseldorf for Christmas – to celebrate with our friends.

But then came a potential job for Mum in Karlsruhe so that got added to our travel agenda. Over the six weeks of planning, somehow plans for Christmas in Dusseldorf was overtaken by Mum wanting to take us to Salzburg instead. And then the meeting at Karlsruhe was postponed – so we thought – what the heck! Let’s swing by and visit Vaduz, Liechtenstein for a day while we’re on the way. LOL!

And so that was how we ended up with an overnight stay in Paris, train to Zurich and Sargans – and a taxi ride to Vaduz for one night. The next day we travel onto Salzburg for Christmas before travelling to Dusseldorf to visit with friends (after Christmas) and then head up to Sylt to welcome in the new year. But the strikes in Paris began with a vengeance since the 5th Dec and though there are no strike plans for the Thursday and Friday, the unions can suddenly call one on Thursday and then we’ll be stuck.

So being clever, Mum thought about Brussels and Frankfurt – but then the Belgian trains are on strike too!!!! So it will all be down to the last minute of planning. And that means we will need to add time to buy dog tickets at the train stations.

And this time George will be with us for it is after all what this holiday is all about – being together. There will be many long road journeys (with George’s panting) and train journeys in the coming days but we shall keep calm and carry on!

We will be home before Brexit happens! Regardless, we are prepared.

On y va!

May’s comment: Every year we are always looking for some coastal place to go to. I guess if we have found a seaside place that we absolutely love, we might consider returning but so far, nothing had compelled us to do so. We’ve been to Scotland, Wales, the south and east coasts of England, even Norway for our last New Years.

And as Christmas is such a family holiday we really prefer to be on our own. Travelling with two dogs makes it slightly more difficult as I need to carry George or I will be paying for him. That means packing light and have things strapped all over my body and a roller bag with George on my shoulder.

Thankfully we have sorted out our food. Packages of our Forthglade travel food have been despatched to the various destinations of Salzburg, Dusseldorf and Sylt. Very organised from that perspective but it remains a mystery which city we will stop in tomorrow night.


  1. Veena Kaur

    Good luck!!!!!

  2. Cheryl

    Happy holiday to all of you, looking forward to keeping up to date on your journey.

    Merry christmas, Cheryl and Susie ( yorkipoo) x


    Wunderbar, wow Miss Darcy, Salzburg on Christmas Day, that will be so lovely. I hope all the travel plans come to fruition without any interruptions from strikes. You and George have the most clever Mum who plans everything to the last detail, such a capacity for a ‘bird’s eye’ view of all possibilities. She has the mind of a great General or even a Tardis. in fact if you could travel in a Tardis it would take away all the challenges which I think your Mum really enjoys. It would be great if your Mum could be the next Dr. Who with you and George as travelling companions, how exciting. I loose track when I read the plans, and have to sit in a dark room until I gather my thoughts. I look forward to seeing the posts, especially the walk on the beach on New Year’s Day. Have a fabulous holiday, and I hope George stays calm, and enjoys all the precious moments. I love your suitcases by the way. Wishing you good luck and bon voyage to my favourite Happy Wanderers. Cheerio for now, xxx

  4. Cheryl

    Wow! This is quite the trip! I hope all goes as planned and your adventure is smooth and glitch free!
    Safe travels!

  5. Zena H

    Have an amazing time! Safe and happy travels!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year x

  6. Bon voyage! I’m full of admiration for you for travelling with two dogs. Can’t wait to read about your trip.
    Inspired by you, the Man in Seat 61 (train travel website) and my desire not to drive, I’ve just been by train to my place in Rome from Cardiff in Wales and back with my Lagotto, Lottie. On the way, we stopped over in Zurich and caught the scenic Bernina Express to Tirano with another stopover on Lake Como. On the way back, I found Frankfurt station very dog-friendly with a lovely food hall catering for all tastes.
    I bought all my dog tickets in advance but suspect it might have been cheaper to buy them on the spot as you mention in your blog. A lot of conductors didn’t even notice her fluffliness hiding away under the seat.
    Next time I’m considering a over-60s Inter-rail ticket – 5 days’ travel in a month. I might even be able to stretch to first class…

    • Miss Darcy

      Well done!!!! Because of last minute changes we have to buy our dog tickets at the station which adds time or being there. Was told we can buy them on board the train in France. Well we’re not touching France this time! All our German dog tickets have been bought!

    • Mariette

      Happy holidays! Happy travels! Happy family🐶

  7. Valerie

    Oh how wonderful! Hope all goes well for all three of you! Looking forward to your posts! Prayers for little George….he will do great because his family is with him. Merry Christmas and a very Happy Beachy New Year! Valerie, Bella and Luke. California, USA

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