Checking out the baubles at Cartier

Having our photo taken in front of this rather dramatic painting of the panther at Cartier.

IMG_1971The panther is more than a symbol for Cartier –  it is a timeless icon that is elegant and predatory. It is restrained yet always ready to act.  Guess it speaks of their jewellery … and their clientele?
IMG_1964 We came to get Mummy’s watch serviced – sat waiting patiently for the lady while she took down all the details required.IMG_1957But as we left, I saw Mummy looking into one of the display cases. Mummy is there anything you like in this case? IMG_1966Mummy said, “Yes, Darcy dearest. Maybe some day I’ll have another one of those baubles again. I love the last one but it is no longer to be worn but for safe-keeping.

Mummy, if I could, I would buy you the bauble you so desire. 🙂
IMG_1967As we left the store, Mummy said to me –IMG_1973But Darcy, I have since learnt that diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. A dog is.

Ah, Mummy, so all that stuff you used to talk about in your marketing days … are they not true then?

May’s comment: Hope none of my ex-De Beers colleagues are reading this! LOL! Yes, we coined the line “A diamond is forever” – until it isn’t, I guess.  Oh, actually it also referred to it’s physical qualities.  It does lasts forever!

P.s. I would never say no to diamonds though! LOL!!!!  One can still love them without the sentimental value.



  1. Caz

    But Miss Darcy is truly priceless.

  2. Alex

    A dog means much more than a diamond 🙂

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