Ladies who lunch at Tom’s Kitchen

We were walking past Chelsea Green and walked past Tom’s Kitchen when Mummy’s friend suggested going in for lunch. In the past, when Mummy had asked, they said no dog allowed.But things change and we keep trying. We waited outside while Mummy’s friend went it to ask just in case they have changed their policy.

Sure enough, they waved us in because I qualify as “small”And I promise I will be well-behaved.Mummy was so happy she even forgot to take off her woolly hat!Me?  No matter where we go, its the same place – under the table, waiting for some hand-me-downs from the table.That fish pie looks good, Mummy. Why didn’t you order the burger with chips?

May’s comment:  Hooray! Another delightful addition to our Wine & Dine list. They did say well- behaved “small” dogs are welcomed.

Tom’s Kitchen founded by award-winning chef, Tom Aikens, is a light-and-airy brasserie, focusing on comforting classics and seasonal specials, using the very best of British produce, serving an all-day menu to stylish clientele.  27 Cale St, Chelsea, London SW3 3QP

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