A few weeks ago, George was almost crushed by a large almost human-size doodle!

In shock, he limped away.

But it was not the original leg with the CCL, it was the left leg that we thought he had a luxating patella. After a week, he started to put his leg down and most of the time he walked normally but after walking for awhile he started to lift his leg again.

Mum decided to get a different diagnosis and called Dr. Marvin Firth of County Canine whom we have consulted with before. He uses traditional vet medicine as well as additional therapies in chiropractic and acupuncture to improve comfort, mobility and performance.

We were both happy to see him but especially George. He knows he’s getting all the attention.

What are you writing about me?

But he still needed his Bunny Rabbit with him for comfort.

And I was there for moral support.

His hip went click!
George is the best patient ever!

May’s comment: Dr. Firth might have discovered is it is not his leg that is bothering him but rather his pelvic bone and hip joint. It makes more sense that when the HUGE doodle fell on him, it might have put it out of joint. But he never once cried in pain.

Also due to his not using his leg, he has wasted muscle on his left side.

Dr. Firth used laser treatment to ease the inflamed parts and hopefully it will ease his pain and he can start using more of his leg because if not he will be lopsided which is also not good.

He will be prescribed with anti-inflammatory medication. And will see how he takes to it all.


  1. Liz Burman

    Georgie you are an amazing patient! Such a good boy! I hope the Chiro. Has done the trick and you have no more problems.?

  2. Sarah Johnson

    Love your squeaky bunny, George!

  3. Sandra Curran

    Hoping you soon feel better George xx

  4. Jill Keiser

    Dr. Firth took a long time analyzing you, George! Hope his lazer treatment works for you and makes you all better permanently!

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