Glamming up for the Weekend

Sometimes we go to meetings with Mum – even when there are three of us.

With three it is easier by cab.

We arrive at palace we’ve never been before and wondered why we’re here.

Check out our Hindquarters leads!

But it soon became clear why we were invited to the meeting. Mum was meeting with the Overglam Team. And lucky us, or is it lucky Mum, we were given some to take home. And Mum was over the moon excited to have us try them out – modelling them for the camera.

These are one of Mum’s favourite jumpers for us – contrasting turtle necks.
Poor Jaffa’s wondering why she’s wearing clothes so often when she’s with us! She’s wearing an olive green with red contrast, George must do yellow of course and I’m in a navy with pink.
And these super smart button-up sweater – they make us look ready for any occasion. Right, Fred?
Mum thought if George wore black or navy, it would just disappear in him! LOL!
The olive green looks good on country girl, Jaffa!
This was a green ensemble – me in olive stripe hem jumper, Jaffa still in her olive turtle neck and George – now we’re moving into coats.
Check out how smart this green jacket looks. Zipper in the front and zipper details on the sleeve.
What do you think of this – faux fur puffer green jacket.
Doing the layering look with the olive jumper.

Should I take this or this?

Mum and I are going on a trip to the north – like really north, near Greenland – and I will probably need a puffer coat.
The Models!

May’s comment: Thank you Overglam for indulging us and growing our wardrobe significantly – regardless of the fact that we’re decluttering!

They have a really lovely collection of sweaters and coats. This is not an ad and we were not paid to do this. Overglam indulged us – and we are not just grateful but we absolutely love their collection.

And yes, Darcy and I are off on a snowy adventure in March – so more of that later. These will come in very handy.


  1. Kathy

    They look so cute in those jackets and sweaters! They really could get modeling jobs.

  2. Liz Burman

    Wow how smart you look in your clothes. I agree with Kathy. Have you ever thought of doing some modelling for petware companies?

  3. Jill Keiser

    I especially liked the button up sweaters! George looked fab in the gray coloured one!

  4. Cheryl

    They look very smart in their new clothes! Iimagne a puffer coat, and those sweaters will come in handy in the North country!

  5. Alison Wood

    They look great – love the collection

  6. Irene McKay

    Brilliant! Your dogs just love it!

  7. Sarah Johnson

    How much training does it take to get them all to pose so well?

    • Miss Darcy

      I think I started doing this when I started the blog so about six years ago. It just takes patience, persistence and practice. But really once they understand what you want them to do they’ll do it.

  8. Bev Tahor


    I am hoping to come to the meet at the Serpentine Gallery tomorrow . It will be lovely to meet you all . Hopefully my daughter and my little granddaughter will be joining me .


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