Sightseeing Saturday at London’s Tower Bridge

A few weeks ago when the sun was shining and the temperature soaring, and before we all went our separate ways, Mummy took us up to the top of the Tower Bridge. She had learnt from that the Tower Bridge exhibition at the top of the two towers are open to dogs.So we went along to check it out.

Yup! It’s all the Exhibition is all the way up there!Now, how do we get up to the upper bridge?

Cristina from LonDog had warned us that because it is a glass enclosure, it can get very hot, and we had seen record summer temperature last month.  She advised that it was best we got there early – as well as to avoid the crowds.  When we arrived at 10am – for opening time, there was already a queue. It was after all August and very much tourist season. We waited for our turn and we immediately had the sense that this might well be a pleasant experience. The staff working outside controlling the crowds greeted us enthusiastically. When it was out turn to go through the revolving door, they asked if we could manage. Mummy had George in her arms and we walked together through the revolving door (I’ve done that a few times before).

Mummy needed to buy a ticket (£9) to go up to the Exhibition. Dogs go free – even when there are two of us. The ticket lady was delighted to see us.We could have taken the stairs but Mummy preferred to take the lift. On the way up, the ever so friendly staff gave us a quick overview of what to expect and where to go – starting from the minute we exit the lift and we entered the room where we watched video about London during the days when the towers were being built.Er, excuse me! You;re blocking the screen.The kind staff told the hoomans to keep moving as I wanted to watch the movie.Thank you!

Next we entered the East bridge – Oh look! A glass walkway …We could see the traffic and the River Thames beneath us!Even George who once was afraid to walk up the glass stairs of the Apple Shop, walked right on it.Mummy hesitated! LOL! She went – WHOA! Scary! This was the view from the East BridgeThe Exhibition was all about the bridges, especially the Tower Bridge – and these are the bridge by numbers …
It took eight years to build30,000 tons of stone were usedThe cost of construction – £1,184.000In all the time it took to build, its quite miraculous that only 10 men died during its construction.Whoa! We just learnt we were standing 42 metres above the water!We hurried along and went over to the West Bridge and this is the view we came to see – all those iconic landmarks of London. But what’s different about this walkway is the mirrored ceiling!So that’s us walking across the walkway – as you can tell, Mummy soon got used to walking high up in the air, in glass.She was trying to video us walking across but she couldn’t get her own head out of the way! LOL!

It doesn’t take long to go through the Exhibition. We took the stairs down to the lift More info about the Tower Bridge along the way downAnd then to be warmly greeted by more of their staff as we waited for the lift.We made our way to the Engine Room – following the yellow line – interspersed by brass plaques of names of the various people who helped to build the Tower Bridge.At the Engine Room we learnt about how steam and water were used to operate the opening of Tower BridgeThe Engine Room Exhibit comprised of only two-vaults.And in no time, we headed over to the Gift Shop.Now this is when you know they have considered us dogs being there – they had doggy things for us to check out.We were checking out the souvenirs when the staff saw us.Before we knew what was happening, the entire staff from behind the counter came over to say helloAnd to take our photos!What a fun day we had and we left the Gift Shop and the whole Tower Bridge experience exhilarated. So often we go to places and we get told we’re not allowed in – only Guide Dogs, or we don’t feel very comfortable being at certain places – but not at Tower Bridge. We were welcomed from the minute we arrived till we left.So maybe the saying on the door of the restaurant nearby echoed our thoughts – when we keep looking, and when more and more hoomans make an effort to find out places we can go to, it may just become a norm to see dogs in unexpected places.

May’s comment: It’s unusual to find museums and exhibition places that allow dogs. Tower Bridge is more than exceptional in being dog-friendly – plus the fact that it is an exhibition and venue worth visiting.Being a Londoner, we do not seek out these venues – after all, they will always be there – but the minute I heard that dogs are allowed, well, why not?  We went in support of their effort and to do something different that I had not expected I could do with the dogs.

Check opening times – that varies with the season. And if it gets too crowded, they may not allow dogs in – for everyone’s safety.


  1. Jill Keiser

    It has been a long time since I have been to Tower Bridge. It would have been a lot more fun with Darcy, George, and you, May!

  2. Sarah Johnson

    I went to Tower Bridge about 10 years ago when my kids were – well, kids! – it was a good tour but clearly has upped its game considerably! Great that they allow dogs – I will choose this to give Merlin a truly exhausting experience before a long journey some time.

  3. Valerie

    What a lovely time for all! Thanks for the great pics – I felt I was right there with you, May, and Darcy and George!

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