When Wolves became Man’s friend

Another doggy movie premiere – woohoo! 

The LonDog invited us to the doggy movie premiere of Alpha – at Picturehouse Central.  Before the movie began, there was a breakfast – including dog biscuits for us!and all sorts of activities. Mummy particularly liked this one – artists drawing caricatures of us!I had to stay still for quite a while

Yup, that’s a rare version of me – smiling!George had his turn too … with all the other doggies.George wearing his.You know where these two pictures will end up!

While George got to be in an interview

Look how smug he looked! LOL!

I got filmed being groomed!

Yes, they even had groomers there to give us a brush up for the cameras.And we had our photo op at the Step and Repeat board with our “caricatures” hanging on our necks.

After all that excitement and activities, we all settled down to watch the movie – ALPHA.

That’s Argo sitting with his ears in the way! LOL!

Alpha is a historical drama adventure set in the last Ice Age of about 20,000 years ago.  It is a survivalist tale of an adolescent boy, Keda who was separated from his tribe during his first buffalo hunt. He ended up forming an unlikely alliance with one of the predator wolves, who was separated from her pack.  Keda named the wolf – Alpha. This first connection between man and wolf marks the beginning of the how we became man’s best friend.

Together Keda and Alpha navigated precarious situations of nail-biting encounters of savage beasts and harsh unforgiving landscapes and weather conditions in his attempt to get home.  Their strive to survive was driven by love and family. A coming of age story of both Keda and Alpha. For dog lovers – definitely must go see!

May’s comment: No spoiler alerts here, but just to say – it was a beautifully shot film, believable acting, incredibly dark at crucial intervals – throughly a dog lovers film!

We all have been told that all dogs came from wolves – so it is rather nice to watch a movie about how they came to be man’s best friend.

Thank you Cristina, for the invite.

ALPHA will be at cinemas from the 24 August.

At the end of the movie, the narrator said something to the effect that when we go on our journey, we never know who will meet along the way and only when we have experienced a tough journey is when we really know who we are.  My life journeys are in no way tragic nor terrible, maybe some drama along the way. LOL! But I definitely had not plan on having not one, but two dogs. And life is sweeter with them. 🙂

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