Letting Go

This photo is the last of a series of photos from Robyn Arouty’s blog where the writer/photographer documented Duke’s last day – I Died Today

It is both a joyous and poignant photo documentary.  It was beautiful to see how much love and care the humans took to make it a happy and peaceful time for all who shared days and knew Dukey.

Of late we have had many heartbreaking stories of poos and other doggies passing on from illnesses, accidents and old age.

We doggies know how much we become a part of your lives and when we leave you, we leave a gaping hole.

We also know, even though you don’t say it out loud, that at every birthday, you know it gets closer to the time when we may have to say goodbye. Our lives are usually short compared to yours and most of the time we go before you do.  There’s not a lot we can do about it except to enjoy each other’s time while we’re together.

Duke’s owner might have learnt from Robyn who recently lost all three of her doggies in a short amount of time.  Unfortunately, there are times when you don’t have time for that last hug, and no time to say goodbye. And then there are other times when you have to unselfishly let go. Either way, it’s must be devastatingly difficult for you humans.

And this was something that Robyn shared from her own experiences: Robyn Arouty – Death and Grief

What I know about doggie death, dying and grief – 
1. The time spent worrying about them leaving steals from the time you give them while they are here.
2. They leave when their mission is complete.
3. You can love again and again.
4. Experiencing death with your heart makes you stronger. You can overcome your fears. I’m living proof.
5. Letting them go when it’s time is the most selfless thing you can do.
6. Your soul is in your pet. Just look in their eyes and you will see it.
7. Loving hard means you will lose hard too.
8. Grief is only temporary.
9. They do come back. But you have to let them go first.
10. Animal lovers are a super special breed. Accept the love and support when you really need it. It’s ok.

For all of you who loves us so much, just remember that loving us was the best thing you could ever have done for us. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. And when it’s time for us to go, we know that your heart will be broken – but it will heal because it was broken by the pain of love. And love heals.

May’s comment: Thought provoking and especially liked the first one – which is a reminder to live life, enjoy the now and every precious moment that we have with our little pooches.

Most of all I feel privileged to be an animal lover – one’s perspective of the world grows bigger.  And I attribute that to Darcy – I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and saw a soul. From that moment on, she was no longer “just a dog.”

To all those friends whom we have met since becoming a part of the world of dogs through social media – with whom we have shared your sadness in losing your “sunshine”, your “best friend”, your “joy”, “centre of your world”, your “core of the family” – letting go doesn’t mean forgetting, it doesn’t mean it will hurt less, it’s just accepting and having peace in your heart.

I don’t know how much I really believe in Rainbow Bridge, I suppose as much as I believe in Santa Claus/Father Christmas.  It does provide a comforting thought.

But one thing for sure, they will always remain in our thoughts and in our hearts.



  1. Miss Darcy… It is an honor for you to share my thoughts & heart. I hope it helps some of your friends. Keep up the great work! XO

  2. Jordan Roberts

    Thank you for sharing his story!

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