“Let’s do a swap!”

Uh-oh! George, your days are numbered! Mummy has fallen in love with Lily …

We were at the Dog Party presented by GOAT for Dogs Trust There were lots of dogs and hoomans at the party All breedsAll sizesAnd there’s me with Camilla And our cockapoo friend, Coco I was having a read about Dogs Trust … And checking out the dog treats, which Mummy thought were human treast and ate one. She thought that’s not a coated nut nor … and then she realised it was a dog treat. By then she had chewed it quite well and the only thing to do was to down her bubbles to wash it down. LOL!  She thought it was disgusting! Really?Coco’s friend, Curly was checking out the drinks.And hoomans with their Italian greyhound puppies were busy talkingAnd while the hoomans and doggies were making their way around the roomI was appreciating the table decorationsAnd while the other doggies were playing busy Or Frankie asking hoomans to put money in the Dogs Trust collection boxAnd the Top Dog for the evening was announced Congratulations!!!A little puppy came to socialise  And Cavaliers were wagging their tailsI was busy checking on the weather outside.Is it still raining?  Oops! Got caught! Oops! Yeah, there was a treat bowl on the window sill which they were trying to hide from me! But I found it!!!

There were two pooches from Dogs Trust at the party … This is Lily and she’s a Labradoodle – looking for a home. Looked like Mummy had taken a shine to her.Oh dear! She even took a selfie with Lily.
George! George! Red alert! Be careful! More importantly, behave! You don’t just do “runners” but you were the ONLY dog at the event that barked at other dogs! That was ill-behaviour and embarrassing. George, I heard Mummy ask if she could take Lily home … we can’t have her. She’s bigger than me and she will take up all the other side of the bed. So please, behave yourself! I can’t deal with another change!!!

May’s comment: Goat, one of the dog-friendly restaurants in our neighbourhood hosts a Dog Party for Dogs Trust each year to raise awareness of the charity and to help raise funds for them.

Dogs Trust, is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, outreach programs, education, information, dogs for re-homing, legislation and campaigning. We have become aware of their work through a previous event at Goat. Since then we got to know them and really appreciate the work they do.

Oh yes, Lily, the labradoodle is up for adoption. She was a stray, found in Ireland. She’s absolutely gorgeous and I would have taken her home – if I had a bigger place, a house with a garden or an extra pair of hands. But I had just recently told myself – no third dog because I wouldn’t be able to have Jaffa, Charlie, Jessie, Lyra, etc, etc to come over for playdates! 🙂 And too much to walk four dogs if ever another came to visit.

They think she will be gone in no time – let’s hope so.

George, I was only half-joking!!!! LOL!

And I did eat a dog treat by mistake. Yuck!!!!!

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  1. Sian Widner

    Oh how I miss dog friendly London!!!! How wonderful it is that you and your pups can socialize and enjoy evenings out together!!!!

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