To Market we go

We’ve been out of London so much lately that we haven’t had a chance to find more dog-friendly restaurants. Now that we are back for a few days, we went in search further afield from where we normally go. Camden!

Someone had told us about Market Restaurant in Camden. And no it has nothing to do with Camden market. It’s in fact an informal restaurant that serves contemporary British meals – like this piece of hake swimming in a sea of green – risotto! Mummy liked it and I guess that’s what matters. I am sure I could eat it too if allowed.

OK. I have stared at the bread long enough. May I have some of the bread please?

May’s comment: Venturing further afield from our usual haunts, we found two restaurants serving British meals in Camden.

Market Restaurant is an informal loft-style restaurant in Camden that serves contemporary British meals with fresh farm-to-market ingredients. Had an excellent hake on risotto. Don’t think the name has anything to do with Camden Market. 43 Parkway, London NW1 7PN

This has been added along with another dog-friendly restaurant just down the road from Market – York & Albany onto our Wine and Dine list under British Restaurants.

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