Liberté and freedom for all!

I’ve been to Liberty’s a few times with Mummy but this is the first time for George.IMG_7612 We had a spot of lunch at Liberty Cafe.IMG_7614 It was very busy – guess it would be on a Saturday.IMG_7590 But it was not a problem. We were seated as they seated anyoneIMG_7603Georgie settled down nicely IMG_7609 Then the food came and I did my usual “check it out”IMG_7607 After lunch we walked about and checked out how we looked in our neoprene jackets. IMG_7621Look there are four of us!IMG_7619May’s comment: Liberty’s is another favourite of ours. It very liberating to be able to walk into a store and feel totally welcomed with no one even giving us a second look. We stood in the queue to wait for our table – we were seated when a table came up – they were not fussed that the table was in the middle of the room.  There were other dogs there as well – all behaved!!!


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  1. Jill

    Great photo of your dopplegangers Darcy!

    LIbertys is one of my favourite shops. The fact that they welcome dogs makes it even better!

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