Those scary stairs

We were back at the Apple store and wanted to see if George might have overcome his fear of glass stairs.  Apparently not.

He put on all four brakes and didn’t want anything to do with it.IMG_7583But before we could get to the stairs, we received such a warm welcome by the staff at the Regent Street Apple store. IMG_7579 Our new friend, James!IMG_7580 And many others came to say hello! They congregated for us! 🙂IMG_7581 IMG_7575May’s comment: Poor little Georgie – another day when it’s not so busy, he and I might have to try taking this one step at a time. Nothing to be scared of little one.

As always the staff at the Apple store made us feel not just welcomed but fussed over!  Love being there – that’s the kind of store we like.


  1. Miami Malteses

    Like humans we doggies also have our fears. I am terribly afraid of heights and when Mummy or Daddy carry out to the balcony of our 16th floor flat I cannot look! I bury my head into their chest or neck and my body gets very tense. My sister Tippy is afraid of passing under things or jumping up! So tell George not to feel bad. It’s normal for a once “stray dog” to be cautious or fearful of unknown things. We still think he is such a handsome little man! Love to you all from all of us in Miami

  2. My doggies have many fears 😀

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