Tea at Liberty’s!

When one door closes … another one opens!

Since Harrods closed their Pet Kingdom, there leaves little reason for Mummy to go there. She only shopped at Harrods because  she could drop me off at The Pet Spa, and then treat herself to dim sum at The Mango Tree or a cupcake from Lola. And look around at the various departments, always stopping at Mungo & Maud – wondering if they have anything new!  But alas that’s not to be any more.

Then she heard about Liberty’s. Wonder why she didn’t know before that it is a dog-friendly building!IMG_1217 IMG_1218

Pausing on the landing of the stairs …
IMG_1207 Checking out the fashion …IMG_1205 And the sales staff were so friendly – stopping us from going to tea! They wanted to chat …IMG_1208Finally we bade farewell, promising to come back after tea at Cafe Liberty. When we walked down the ramp, the restaurant manager asked us – table for two?  He did not put us on the side nor at a table for two. He suggested it was best that we sat at a round table so there was space for me under the table.

Mummy had her cream tea while I watched. No crumbs.IMG_1211 May’s comment: What a welcome and how civilised is this place! I didn’t know about this till Jocelyn mentioned it. And so with Pet Kingdom gone, I had to find somewhere else to shop with Darcy.IMG_1216


  1. Jill

    Hi May and Darcy

    Love Liberty’s. Haven’t been there since I left London, but delighted to hear that dogs are allowed. Bravo! do you know this website? Seems to have a few dog friendly eateries listed. http://www.londondogforum.co.uk/c.do?category=794&page=2

    It’s always good to find places happy to have dogs.

    Jill and Charlie

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Jill, thanks for that! We looked into it and yes, we’ve been to all the ones that are listed that are not pubs or taverns in central and SW London. Our challenge is to find proper restaurants that allow us inside. I want to live my life without being hampered by no dog rules. And especially places where we least expect dogs to be accepted. If you know of any – do let us know. May and darcy x

  2. Jocelyn

    So pleased u and Darcy were made welcome, I haven’t taken Lucca yet, when the weather improves, and he looks respectable will definitely go, it is my favourite store in London……
    No probably the world

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