Little Black Dog in a Snow White world

I didn’t want to go for Walkies for two reasons.

I’m not really keen going for big walks in this weather.  Fine for the “bigger” dogs …Secondly, I was annoyed that Mummy didn’t take me with them on Darcy’s date last night with Barnaby. Why?!?!?  I decided I wanted Mummy time. And I got my wish.

Despite the snow, we went about our business.  I found the normal places where I do my business different.Even as we waited for the bus to come, snowflakes landed on my head – they looked like dandruff on my hair We got off at Sloane Square and saw this amazing sight – a frozen fountain! It sure looked like Elsa had swept through London – but they’ve been calling her nasty names like the “Beast from the East!”

To get away from the cold, we went inside Peter JonesBut there were other obstacles inside – escalators!I don’t like escalators either.

So sometimes this little black dog aka me finds the “snow white” world a little challenging. And though I got my wish to spend more time with Mummy, I still had to deal with slush, grit and puddles. I am glad I had Mummy to hold my lead, and she understood when I didn’t want to go for walkies.

The snow will still be coming down later today.  This is where we like to be … Darcy tired from her Walkies and me tired from my experience.I seriously think we’ve had our share of snow this Winter. We really didn’t have to go all the way to the Arctic!

May’s comment: Little George. Sometimes I forget he’s just a little dog. Though big in attitude and personality, he’s actually very vulnerable.

For years when we wished for snow, this winter we’ve done the Arctic Circle, skiing in Megeve and the first time in eight years, we have snow in London.



  1. Ginny

    I have just started following your blog. Miss Darcy and George are adorable! I am Mummy to Ziggy the yorkiepoo. Ziggy would like to know if George is a yorkiepoo too? X

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Ginny! George looks every bit a Yorkiepoo or even a maltipoo but from DNA testing they say he Maltese, Yorkie and shih-Tzu in him. But no poodle. In any case he is an honorary Doodle in our group of friends. 😊

  2. Cheryl

    I don’t think you all need to travel to Megève, you’ve got all the snow you want right there in London!

  3. Lucy Cronin

    We ❤️ George! He is so cute. ❤️ Luca & Lucy

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