No need to wait for the ski slopes

We wished for snow in London – for as long as I have been in London, it had never snowed.

And on the morning of my seventh birthday, there were snowflake kisses from Heaven – they were from my brother Milo.

But the following morning, we woke up and couldn’t believe what we saw outside our window The front garden was completely whiteOn our morning walk with Jaffa, the scenery looked different with a white dusting of snowHow pretty everything lookedThe parks were snow-covered – and we had a good time playing in our EquafleecesBut George didn’t really feel like playing in the snow with us. He was dashing around in the garden instead.

He went about with Mummy and discovered what “Elsa”, otherwise known as the “Beast from the East” had done to the city!The fountain in Sloane Square was frozen over!!!! And nearer to home, we found icicles hanging off our building!There was snow everywhereIf there’s one good thing about the “beast from the east”, I got to wear my new Moncler vest that one of my godparents bought for me after hearing about it from Mummy. We couldn’t decide between the black so Mummy and I could be matchy-matchy or stand out in my own colour. Well, I guess you now know what we decided.We didn’t have to wait till our next trip to the slopes for me to wear it. The snow came to us – in London.

May’s comment: We went to the Arctic Circle looking for snow – who knew that we would have a whole week of it! It hardly ever snows in London, maybe a dusting of it ever so often and the last “dump” was eight years ago.

It’s all very pretty …till the slush and the puddles. The weather is predicted to change by this weekend, and all too soon, this will be gone. Wonder if this could become a norm with the weather change.


  1. Ian Harrison

    Wonderful clips of Darcy and George in the snow. Poor Archie loves the snow but we hardly had any in Manchester! Maybe next year for his seventh birthday!

  2. Sian

    I was living there eight years ago when the big snow fell in London! My dogs loved it!! Looks like George and Darcy had fun too!!

  3. Elaine Craigen

    We have had lots of snow up in Scotland Darcy ❄️⛄️Lottie isn’t too keen to go out but loves it once she is outside!???

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