Little Crumble

This is 10-week old Crumble.   Isn’t she just adorable?!?!?

Melody shared these pics of when they first met her in 3-33 photo 2-38

She went home last Saturday and her Mummy and Daddy are obviously besotted with her.

We had sent her a little present – a weasel from my pile of toys.  Apparently that’s her favourite – she has to sleep with it!  That’s sweet!photo 3-32 image-9May’s comment: Can’t wait to meet Crumble. Darcy looked just like that at her age.

Her parents had come to our Hyde Park Cockapoo walk to meet cockapoos before they got one. Since then we’ve kept in touch and recently told us about the new addition to their family.


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  1. Too adorable,,,,,,,,,really want a Crumble xx

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