Rainy Saturday

It’s one of those grey cloudy days – raining on and off. So out comes the raincoat for the city girl!IMG_6659 When in the city, we just look at puddles. We don’t go into them, right, Mummy?IMG_6663 But look what we found. A rose fell on the pavement – so pretty against the grey, grey surrounds.IMG_6667 We had a little appreciation moment.IMG_6670 And along the road came Brinkley! We haven’t seen each other for awhile. Hello Brinkley!IMG_6672


  1. Jill

    Hi Darcy

    You look so smart in your raincoat. What make is it, please? Looks great, even for a country lad like me (though may not go for pale blue.) I hate getting all my legs in an overall, but just the front ones may be OK!

    Wags, Charlie

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Charlie! It’s from Puppia – they make really nice things. This is stritcly a raincoat for this time of year, so it’s not hot and heavy.
      Darcy x

  2. Katherine, Scoobie, Elly and Evie

    Dear Darcy,

    We love to see all the things you get up to! Despite the fact we love the rain and getting wet and muddy, our mummy is not so keen on it, and we are three very hairy poos! Our mummy has looked on the Puppia website but can’t find it. We did try to sit on the keyboard to make it harder for her though! Could you ask your mummy where she bought it from please?

    Our mum would be very grateful as she hasn’t been able to find one that looks this good and poo sized!

    Wags, Scoobie, Elly and Evie

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Guys! We bought my coat at Harrods’ Pet Kingdom just before they closed but we have seen it on PetLondon.net. Go to Clothes, go to Collections, then Puppia and they can be found on the second page. It’s called a windbreaker – comes in three colours! Hope you like them! xox

  3. JIll

    Thanks very much for the info Darcy. We’ve found them on this web site Katherine


    They’re listed under rain jackets base jacket. £1 p and p this weekend!

    Wags, Charliex

    • Miss Darcy

      Hey Jill, the one on this site is not the same as my blue one. I had this before but didn’t like it as much. My blue one is called a Windbreaker. x

  4. Jill

    Thanks for letting us know…will have to do some more hunting.Cx

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